Building Your Social Capital

I have been busy doing one of the things I love most this month; learning… adult-2178440_1280

I recently finished a positive psychology course and the better leader’s course, from which I have taken away some great nuggets for daily life as well as for business.

One of those nuggets focuses on building ‘Social Capital‘. Whilst I have heard the term before I hadn’t really viewed it as anything other than growing my network. In fact, at its most powerful it is, as stated by Wayne Baker, ‘Consciously and deliberately building networks that enable you to achieve your goals, fulfil your mission and make your contribution to the world.’

That got me thinking about my networks in a very different way;

  1. Am I maximising my connections to achieve my goals?
  2. Am I connecting others across my networks to help them achieve their goals?
  3. Who else would I like in my networks?
  4. What am I prepared to do to grow and nurture my networks?

It’s one thing being a ‘member’ of a network group or club, it’s another thing to actively engage with each other to see how, through the power of reciprocity, we can truly help each other fulfil our potential, thus positively changing the world around us.

Back to the drawing board for me! I realise that whilst I have been a part of some amazing communities over my years in business I have not taken enough time to get to know who the members are on a deeper level and that means there’s an awful lot of opportunities and possibilities left sat on the table.

So, this month I leave you with a few questions to ask yourself;

  1. As you reflect on members of your networks, are you taking the time to find out their needs?
  2. What groups are over or under-represented in your network?
  3. Where would you like to strengthen relationships and where might you cut some loose?
  4. Who can help you develop any additional skills you might need to achieve your goals?
  5. How will you diversify your connections?
  6. And if you haven’t made time to be part of a group, why? What’s getting in the way and what needs to happen to get you out there?

When we take the time to check our social capital and take the necessary actions to strengthen it, we not only gain personally, we position ourselves to be able to do more for others.

Get social!

Live Blissfully,


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