If The Story That You’re Living Doesn’t Fit, Change It

If the story that you’re living doesn’t fit, change it. It’s important to remember you Wrong Storyalways have a choice…

Too often people find themselves in situations they don’t want to be in or realise the way they’ve been living life is not the way they truly want to. Yet they continue to do so as if they have no control whatsoever.

That feeling of being trapped in a situation beyond control creates an imaginary wall around them and they think that’s their lot, that life is as it is; that they must accept it as it is.

The truth is we always have a choice; always. It might not appear that way and it might not feel that way but whether you decide to stay in a story that feels wrong or you decide to do something about it, in that moment you are making a choice.

Granted, sometimes the choices you are faced with in a situation seem so difficult, so unfair, it feels easier to do nothing, but that is another choice.

And in those moments when someone tells you to stop trying to change things, that you should be satisfied with your lot, and you follow their advice; yet another choice.

When you realise every little move you take or do not take is your choice, when you see the level of responsibility and control you truly have in your life, you are more likely to open yourself up to making bigger, bolder and often riskier choices.

In doing so you free yourself from the chains of ‘I had no choice’ and begin to experience the many possibilities and opportunities that exist; simply by taking ownership of your life.

So, if the story you are living in feels uncomfortable, restrictive or damaging, make a choice that moves you out of it, away from it. One choice has the power to change everything, you just have to be bold enough to make it…

Live Blissfully,


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