It’s Time To Love Yourself Well…

It’s time to love yourself well… If you’re in pain, if there is a sadness in some area of your You Cantlife, know that self-loathing, blame or hate will not make the pain go away; it is love and forgiveness that heals.

So often when you’re not happy or when you feel disappointed with how something worked out, you default to blame, be that external, others or self. Either way, it doesn’t help, and it rarely makes you feel better. Why? Because there isn’t a negative feeling that is designed to make you feel better. Ultimately negative feelings leave you heavy, burdened. That’s not to say that they are to be avoided; you learn from every feeling, every thought and every behaviour you display if you are open to it. You develop the capacity to question instead of blame and this is key.


When you hate others, hate returns to you. When you hate yourself, it eats away at your insides, moving you further away from love, allowing rot to set in. Hate has the power to strip you of energy, draining you but it can also fire you up with anger, affecting your relationships and your day to day life. The cure? Love…


When you criticise others, criticism returns to you. When you criticise self, you tear down your uniqueness, your beauty, your amazing God-given being, as if it had no value. Criticism, when not for the good of all, can reflect jealousy, envy, also the need to judge. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy of self of belittling others, ruining confidence and causing others to avoid you. The healer? Love…


When you shame others, shame returns to you. When you feel ashamed of self for words spoken harshly, tales told, behaviour meant to hurt, you end up hiding away in the shadows falling deeper into feelings that do not serve your wellbeing. Shame provides a vice-like grip that makes it feel impossible to move up or move on. It locks you in, keeping you small and making others feel worthless. We are all human, we all make mistakes and the ability to forgive if not forget is key. The way out? Love & forgiveness…

Love is the way. It is the torch that guides you to your glory, your joy, your destiny. When you can hold onto love in the darkest hours, in the most challenging situations, you call upon it to give you the strength and belief required for change.

Forgiveness is the way. It is the strength and faith to move you out of the dark into the light. When you learn to forgive in the most difficult of moments, you become more powerful and you begin to see life very differently. You set a standard to ‘be’-ing a human being with a heart full of love…

It truly is time to love yourself well – Love you, forgive you, love others, forgive others, love and live life with a heart full of forgiveness

Live Blissfully,


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