The Great Escape

Do you ever feel like you can’t catch your breath? As if life is moving along so quickly DSC_0227_1you can barely notice when one day ends and a new one begins? If yes, it might be time to check out of the world of tech and escape into nature…

High in the woodlands of Abergavenny, Wales sits a beautiful cottage. It is hidden amongst the tall trees and undulating mountains of glorious countryside that take your breath away. It is The Cottage and it is the perfect space to let go of everything the world tells you, you have to have (technologically connected) and embrace everything that truly matters; you, nature, consciousness and creativity.

Being at The Cottage you not only get to experience the enchantment of real country living, you get to remove yourself from emails, texts, endless calls and social media platforms screaming for your attention. And whilst that might sound scary to those who have forgotten a life without them, it is, in fact, the perfect way to get back in touch with life, with self and the world.

Free to walk for minutes or hours, breathing in fresh air, getting drunk on the beauty that surrounds you. Maybe, for the first time in a long time, hearing what peaceful sounds like, what a car-free zone provides; hearing your own breath, your footsteps, your thoughts without the constant background noise of city living and expectations.

As I experienced The Cottage I felt my heart flutter as it began to connect with the glorious solitude. I began to hear myself and feel at one. I was moved to write, to explore my thoughts, to allow my creativity to flow and although I do this frequently, being able to do it without disturbance, without worrying about anyone else’s needs, was so freeing.

And my eyes drank in nature’s beauty, every shade of green that ever existed appeared to be available for consumption.

Little movements being caught here and there; a horse, the sheep, a bird dipping and taking flight, singing gently into the breeze. And I fill up with the purity of the energy surrounding me; I am everything and everything is me; oneness.

These moments are priceless. They are also necessary. They remind you that life is not the latest iPhone, virtual reality game, 16 hour work day, a string of meaningless conversations. No, it is a force filled with ‘now‘ moments. It is the earth beneath your feet, the invisible air that kisses your face and enters your body to create more life. It is the exchange of chemicals with the plants, their scent causing you to stop and breathe in their essence.

And when the visit to The Cottage ends, it is with a hopeful heart you return to your daily life renewed, inspired, uplifted.

It might become a monthly ritual, the escape, but even if that is not the case it becomes a vivid memory, one that reminds you of the importance of taking time out, of downing tools, of breathing life in and out, of connecting with the gift of being here; living, being, creating…

Escape to The Cottage, it is the great escape.

Live Blissfully,


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