In The End, It Is Up To You…

In the end, it is up to you…Tuesday

You have the ability to learn, develop and grow. It is through the application of this process that you get to discover how much you are capable of, what you can do and what you are gifted to do. So, the key here is to never stop applying yourself.

Explore new opportunities and uncover new skills regularly. Believe in your limitless potential and embrace failure so that you may learn deeply and successfully.

You must be motivated. Without motivation, you will not do all that is necessary to achieve what you desire. Need an extra hour in your day? Get up an hour earlier. Need a better understanding of a subject to progress in your career or business? Carve out time to educate yourself. Need to shape up your health? Make fewer excuses and more lifestyle changes.

Commit not only in words or on paper, but also in your actions.

Your attitude will make you or break you. How you show up each day will determine your results. Ask yourself:

  • Am I thinking abundantly?
  • Do I I approach life with a can do or can’t do perspective?
  • Am I focusing on what is good in my life or am I always noticing what is bad?
  • Does gratitude live inside of me or is there a constant sense of lack?
  • Do I experience happiness on a regular basis?
  • Are people drawn to me or repelled?

Get right with your attitude if you want the best from life. Be the sunshine in your life and for others. Take your faith, hope & love and make a difference with the words you speak, planting goodness wherever you go. It takes no more energy to speak well than it does to speak badly, yet the rewards of speaking well are far greater.

This is the stuff of life-changers, of life-givers. Go forth and live your life to the full. It’s up to you…

Live Blissfully,


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