Pursue Your Goals From A Place Of Happiness…

Pursue your goals from a place of happiness…flower-2587531_1920

If you fail to be happy with what you have, where is the guarantee that having anything more will bring you happiness?

Happiness is a decision away. Your circumstances do not need to be perfect for it to flourish, you need to be open to learning how to be happy no matter what.

Is it easy? Certainly not when life is pressing a tough test in your palm. But is it possible? Absolutely. It’s thinking positive and uplifting thoughts, feeling the emotions tied to those thoughts and displaying the behaviours that translate from those feelings. It is the revealing of gratitude, simply appreciating life itself.


And whilst the mind darts off in a thousand directions with thoughts each day, you can plant the seeds of what you want to think about by creating some positive morning rituals such as starting your day with a gratitude list or speaking out loud the things/people you appreciate in your life or simply meditating on what happiness means to you and for you. Set the tone of your happiness desires morning and night so that you can begin to influence your thought patterns in a way that brings you more joy.

The fact is you don’t need:

  • Life to be plain sailing for you to stop and smile at someone
  • To have a perfect day to show your loved ones how much they matter
  • To wait for a goal to come to fruition before you acknowledge all the steps you have taken to make it a reality
  • To have all the answers to all your challenges before you can begin to enjoy life

Action: Journal your daily emotional experiences and see what thoughts are driving them. If you are unable to stop a thought, then work on changing the language of it. For example, instead of thinking ‘I hate my job’, think ‘What can I do to make my job more enjoyable or what do I need to do to get a job I would love?’. It’s about taking responsibility, having a different focus that will bring about different feelings, lead to better behaviours and ultimately more happiness is likely to follow.

If you keep waiting for the perfect outcome before you embrace happiness, chances are you’ll miss out on many happy moments. And that would be a shame and a waste of precious time.

So, learn to be happy with what you have, where you are right now, whilst pursuing all you desire. After all, it is the exquisiteness of the journey where the greatest rewards are found & experienced, not crossing the finish line.

Live Blissfully,


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