Don’t Just Make Money…

Don’t Just Make Money

When you are being encouraged to dream, to create goals, to go big with your desires, it’shappiness-3368263_1920 not purely for financial wealth.

Financial wellbeing is fantastic and it is often the reward for years of hard work, persistence and commitment. And yet the purpose of going all in is not the stack of money you generate. It’s about what you can do with what you have.

You see, making money is one thing, making a difference is another and ultimately, that is what you are destined to do. Whatever your skills or talents, they have not been bestowed upon you just to generate an income, they are the blessings that allow you to build wealth and share the rewards; planting more seeds for future seasons, bringing greater rewards.

When you are in the position of being able to invest more in your own personal development, to help others to rise up, to provide a community with resources that empower individuals to do more and be more, that is the most gratifying thing.

Knowing that your self-discovery has led to life-changing events and ever increasing opportunities for others brings a whole other dimension and meaning to your work, to your efforts. If you knew that every time you dug deep and achieved a goal you would be able to change 1, 2, 3 other lives, wouldn’t you feel constantly inspired to do more, to uncover more of your potential?

Here are some great examples:

  1. Educating a Generation – After a heartfelt chat with the great man himself, Nelson Mandela, the phenomenal woman that is Oprah Winfrey pledged to open a school for girls in Africa, citing that education was one way to end poverty in South Africa. 11 years on and many graduations later, the young girls who were accepted were able to get placements in colleges & universities in Africa and the U.S.A. The Academy goes from strength to strength and lives are being changed.
  2. Lifting Others Out of Poverty – Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize winner. He began using his money for the good of all by providing business loans to those in need without collateral. Even though his initial loans to individuals were small, averaging $27, the difference he made by empowering and enabling them is undeniable. Read more about Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank.
  3. Being a Charity Ambassador – An amazing woman in a male-dominated sport, Karen Brady, CEO of West Ham United Football Club, is also an ambassador for Wellbeing of Women, Wellchild, The Stroke Association and Teenage Cancer Trust. She is using her personal power, connections and influence to help others wellbeing.
  4. Paying It Forward – Even without the level of wealth the above movers and shakers have, it is possible to make a difference. I am a voluntary mentor for W4 (Women’s Worldwide Web), helping women across the globe into education, entrepreneurship and work. Alongside some generous and hard-working women, I am able to contribute by using my knowledge, skills and expertise to help young girls & women rise up and achieve their goals.

Yes, your efforts are more than stacks of notes for spending, they are the powerful seeds of contribution, the likes of which shape our world for the better forever. So, don’t play small, go big and see how many lives you can touch, inspire and change for the better.

Live Blissfully,


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