Live Life Like The Tree

Live Life Like the Tree…

There are many lessons to be learnt from nature. dryad-1274184_1280

Have you noticed how it shifts effortlessly from season to season? How it changes its outlook without fear of reprisal… How plants come & go and return anew…

Take the tree for instance; it is planted as a tiny seed. Nothing about trees in their early stages prepare you for what is to come; their beauty, their magnificence, their grace and their strength. All of these things come to be over time and each tree is unique in its creation and design.

Trees are grounded, connected by the roots that bury themselves deep underneath the earth. They bear new leaves and shed them, their branches bending and breaking, twisting and spreading outwards as if to invite you in.

It’s easy to appreciate their beauty and be thankful for their being because it is their life that sustains us, it is their release of oxygen that feeds us.

And so, we can imitate the tree, to draw from all its greatness so that we too can express everything we are.

Here are some tree inspired actions:

Stay Grounded – be firm in your beliefs and in your ability. Do not let fear uproot you; for you are stronger than anything you must face. You’ve been built to withstand life’s storms and your faith will see you through.

Remain Connected To Your Roots – know where you have come from and understand that the connection to it provides life lessons. Whether those roots provided stability in your life or challenges, they remain part of your journey. Use them for the development of self, not as a hindrance.

Turn Over A New Leaf – be ready and willing to do things differently, to change with the seasons, to shed the old and birth the new. Do not shy away from the new. Instead embrace it, observantly and willingly. Seek out the opportunities that lie within every situation and be prepared to do things differently.

Bend Before You Break – be flexible in your approach. Instead of seeing every challenge as a problem that has been sent to break you, view them as lessons sent to teach you. Know that you do not have to have all the answers, or always be right, or always be wrong. Watch, listen and learn; let your maturity guide your decisions and be willing to accept the unchangeable.

Enjoy Your Unique Beauty – love you first. Know that in understanding the power of love, that inner and outer beauty that is unique to you alone, you will be able to love others more openly and give of your own uniqueness bringing magic to whatever you do. No comparing, no self-doubting, no sense of lack.

Keep Growing – be a life-long learner. Spend time experimenting with life so you can expand in knowledge, appreciating things from varying aspects. Pulsate with the vibrancy of nature and refuse to be limited by poor thinking. Remain stimulated and continue to explore…

Live life like the tree and you will live fully…

Live Blissfully,


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