Good Health Is Not Gained By Food Alone

Good health is not gained by food alone… To live a truly healthy life you must adopt the strength-3717700_640mindset, habits and outlook that serve your higher self. You must tune your senses into those things that develop you. Health, after all, is all-encompassing.

What are you watching?

Your eyes are a channel of absorption. What they see impacts your conscious self and your subconscious. They can draw in images that lift you, empower you and inspire you. Equally, they can create pictures that fill you with fear, doubt and lack.

Action: As you think about this, think about the images that run through your mind each day, the ones that repeat and stay with you. Are they positive, goal aligned images or are they fear filled limiting ones? What’s important is that you begin to let your eyes focus on more of what you want, now what you don’t want, more of what uplifts you not what fills you with doubt.

Who are you listening to?

Your ears fill with the sound of words and words can work in your favour or against you. Words have power as they can shape your thoughts and feelings. The right words can fill you with love, joy and hope. The wrong words can fill you with hate, unhappiness and despair.

Action: As you consider what you are taking in through your auditory senses, be aware of how what you hear makes you feel. Do you feel empowered and inquisitive, open to exploring or do your ears tune into the negative messages and blinkered language of the ignorant? What’s important is that you begin to be more selective on who you actively listen to and block out the language that tells you you’re anything less than your amazing self.

What are you reading?

The stories and information you see can build beliefs within you. And these can expand you, building your personal development & growth or they can shrink you, reducing your outlook on life, your self-belief, your confidence and distorting the opportunities that were meant for you.

Action: As you reflect on the books, media messages and magazines you use to feed your mind, recognise the detail in the stories. Are they stories showing you the beauty of triumph that rises out of despair or stories speaking only of pure despair & fake news? Are they teaching you how to interpret the world from many viewpoints or are they attempting to shrink you, to keep you small? What matters is that you broaden your reading so that you can become enlightened, open-minded and fuelled with self-belief.

Who are you spending time with?

The people in your life can change everything, for the better or for the worst. In the best of circumstances, the people you surround yourself with will add to your joy, fill your cup, be a part of your success whilst on the flip side, they can bleed you dry, limit you and your thinking.

Action: As you look at the people in your life, particularly those in your inner circle, be certain that there are no weeds growing there. Are they supportive, encouraging and kind or do they suck you dry with their negativity? What’s key is that you uproot the weed like relationships so they cannot infect the fruitful ones. Pull up and remove the poison so that the goodness can flourish.

In truth, each of these can swell your wellbeing or bleed it dry and it is your responsibility to make the choices that support your goals & ambitions. You must choose the best in health in all areas of your life over the many shortcuts, quick fixes and indecision.

In doing so your life will blossom and bloom as it is meant to…

Live Blissfully,


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