Five Seeds To Plant To Experience Wellbeing…


As #mentalhealth week approaches, here’s an opportunity to review the 5 steps to #wellbeing…

Being Your Best You

Ultimately wellbeing is having the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual. mental-health-2313430_1280It is a set of actions you take to maintain good, happy feelings and the more you do, the more you benefit. Here we uncover the five seeds to plant to experience wellbeing:

  1. Be Active – your body requires attention. It is to be handled with care, respected and given time for fine-tuning. Physical activity helps you maintain mobility, flexibility, endurance and strength and in turn enables you to move around with greater ease, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, having the energy to achieve your goals, explore life and manage challenges.

Action: We are built to ‘work out’. Not only does it help you maintain your mobility, flexibility and build strength, it also teaches you how to rise to a challenge. Find physical activities that you enjoy and plan them into your daily life. Don’t leave…

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