As You Open Your Eyes Today Express Gratitude

As you open your eyes today express gratitude… Your sight is not to be taken for granted, Eyesno more than your ability to touch, to smell, to taste, to hear. These are gifted to you; they are to be cherished.

It’s too easy to be sucked into seeing all the negativity, to allow the hatefulness of others, world issues and media news to drown out your blessings and leave you feeling as if life itself is against you.

Decide on a new view, a different perspective. Start appreciating all that is good in your life, in the world, in others. See both sides of the coin, of each conversation of life unfolding and know that the unpleasantness is a small fraction of the whole being magnified.

See that a new day has arrived and with it an opportunity to shake off the shackles, difficulties and distractions of the last one and build on all the wins. It is a time to acknowledge that life feels short when you’re wasting it, time appears fast when you’re not doing the things that truly matter to you and the realisation there is no replay, pause or rewind for regrets, indecision and procrastination.

See to it that you commit to making this day the one you utilise for creating what you dream of having in your life. Make this the day that lights the path to your destiny. And don’t expect such a day to be easy; it will take your willingness to release the best of your knowledge, talents and skills to make things happen. It will take determination, persistence and a vision.

The good news; many have done it before you, they have seen a way and made the impossible possible. In fact, there is unlimited proof that your goals can be achieved if you open your eyes to the possibilities and do what is necessary, one step and one day at a time. And enjoy the process because without a sense of fun, without that higher vibrational energy, the steps will feel like chores, you’ll miss seeing the whole picture and potentially lose faith in what you have set out to do.

Take this day and let it be your most empowered one to date…

Yes, as you open your eyes today, be thankful above all else and go about your day with a higher vision for yourself, for others and our world…

Live Blissfully


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