Begin With The End In Mind…

Begin with the end in mind; Make Self-Care A Priority

It’s 2022! A new year has begun!self-care-for-productivity

What will materialise through it and from it? Only time, energy & action will tell.

Of course, there are elements of life you have little if any control over and your ability to acknowledge this and be prepared to let go of those things is crucial for your wellbeing.

But what about the elements within your control, such as how you use your time, how you take care of yourself in order to pursue your goals, and how you take care of yourself in order to fulfil your purpose; what are you going to be willing to do?

Often the New Year begins with people creating resolutions and promises to take better care of their health and within 4-8 weeks the motivation & excitement wanes. Not necessarily because they have stopped caring about their health, other things come up that get an automatic priority pass and distract them from the very thing they knew was important. Sadly, this is often the slippery slope down from self-care to self-sabotage.

I have seen it (literally) thousands of times. Having spent the best part of 35 years in the field of health & fitness, I have witnessed the patterns of behaviour that usually end with people feeling tired, worn out and burnt out, even when they think they are taking time out for self.

So, this year, do something different. Instead of focusing on undoing the health damage of Christmas, seek to assess your habits, the ones that keep you in a loop of behaviours that do not serve you, and look to upgrade them through meaningful self-reflection so that you can have an end goal for this year that truly sees you taking care of yourself in a positive way, as a way of life (not as some kind of quick-fix).

Imagine the magic of ending 2022 with energy, with clarity and with time on your side. Imagine feeling vital & radiant instead of rundown and exhausted… again.

Is it possible? Yes! Does it take time? Yes. Because only when you are willing to invest time & energy in yourself can you truly reap the rewards of self-care.

It’s time to decide what is truly important to you and for you. If you know that you have not been giving yourself the attention you deserve, now is the time to transform your thinking and doing. Because self-care is the key component to a successful healthcare plan. What you do now could save you a fortune in time and money because having to fix your health to function much less live happily & fully, is a costly business.

The fact is if you’re not willing to get yourself on your to-do-list now, when will you be?

Come and find out about our soon to launch community, Permission To Thrive where we plan to explore, inspire & lift each other up as we acknowledge the importance of self-care, today & everyday… (and have some fun doing so!)


‘Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel…’ Eleanor Brownn

Wise words for all of us to heed.

Self-care is taking care of your mind & thoughts, taking care of your physical health & body, taking care of your emotions, taking care of your spiritual wellbeing and making self-care the centre of operations, not an afterthought…

YvonneB x

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