What Would You Do To Put Your Self-Care First?

What Would You Do To Put Your Self-Care First?

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There have been many conversations about the chosen life path Prince Harry & Meghan have chosen.

From not speaking with the Queen first to taking on the press, they have been given a rough ride by many and equally received encouragement and support.

Regardless which side of the fence you sit on, what they have demonstrated is the lengths they are prepared to go to, to protect their self-care as individuals and as a family; the importance of their emotional, mental & physical health.

No one needs to agree with their choices. I doubt they were ever wishing or hoping everyone would back them. In some respects, they were giving the press more ammunition to attack them.

But they came to a decision based on what they feel is right in order to flourish as a couple, as parents and as themselves. And I celebrate that level of seriousness about self-care.

And so, the big question is; What are you willing to do to put your self-care first?

Are you willing to be judged, criticised, even disliked in your pursuit to care for you? Will people even notice or care?

Are you willing to have meaningful conversations with those who are likely to be affected by your self-care choices so they, much like the Queen, understand where your choices are coming from? And will they support you, seeing you or choose to see you as a selfish individual?

It’s too easy not to address your self-care just in case it offends others. Yet the feelings of offence they experience are their choice. Because if you keep pushing yourself to do more of everything for everyone, when you finally reach burn out, what will they say then? Why didn’t she say something? Why didn’t she take better care of herself? Or perhaps nothing at all…

It’s also too easy not to address your self-care out of guilt. “What will others think of me if I don’t fulfill this role?” How much of what you do comes from this emotion? And how does it serve to enhance the quality of your life? If you are running around on an empty tank, people pleasing to feel better (less guilty), how long can that last?

Something Has To Give!

In the face of it all, learning to put yourself first with love, with purpose and conviction, will pay dividends because when you show up able to do the many things that truly matter to you and have the energy to do each thing from a place of power, others will finally see the benefits of your choices (whether they like them or not). And as you begin to feel better; more energised, more physically & mentally able to cope with the demands based on the strategies you put in place guilt will stop being your companion, creating space for more joy, more love and more of what matters.

And so, we circle back to the question; What are you willing to do to put your self-care first?

I would love to know and encourage you to share your thoughts, tips & ideas in our online community at: www.selfcarematters.online

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With love

YvonneB x

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