Over-Scheduled, Under Cared For…


Are you feeling over-scheduled, under cared for?

Time is tight and there are hundreds of super important things you need to do. Sadly, you woman-3351794_1920have not been prioritised as one of them and that lack of self-care is taking its toll.

You’re exhausted, you feel unappreciated, you have no to low energy and as much as you know your needs are not being met, you keep on going until, eventually you burn out; mentally, physically or emotionally (worse yet, all three).

It’s time to get your self-care back on the map. And whilst this is a broad and deep topic, the wonderful thing about self-care is that one step in the right direction can make a real difference.

Here are some basic pointers to kickstart the process:

1.      What are you currently doing for your self-care to increase your wellbeing & manage stress? (List these)

2.      What else would you like to do to enhance your self-care? (list)

3.      Get clear on the barriers preventing you from implementing all the self-care habits you would like (I am not doing X because of X)

4.      Create solutions to these barriers (I could X)

5.      Select 1-3 of the self-care habits you would like to develop and make a commitment to follow through (I am committing to (the desired habit) and my reasons for wanting to do this include (your why & benefits – the importance). I aim to accomplish this by (the action & a deadline).

Then book it into your schedule with the same importance as anything you would do for your partner, your kids, your work; it is THAT important.

Nothing rocket-science here but knowing and doing are not one and the same. Allowing everything external to you to consume your mind space, leaving no room for self-reflection much less action is not okay.

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