How Is Your Life Being Reframed?

How Is Your Life Being Reframed?

Not so many weeks ago, possibly months, what is fast becoming the norm was being Blog Picdismissed as ‘impossible’, ’time-consuming’, something for the future.

People have been demanding the opportunity to work from home, to have the chance to work remotely, with many being told it’s not an option, ‘the company can’t function that way‘.

There have been people craving better work, life balance so they can have more time with their loved ones. And at the same time, they have also been telling themselves that in today’s fast paced work environment it is probably a dream to expect more family time, especially if they have demanding jobs. They’ll have to wait.

Many have not recognised their time freedom to go out and explore the parks, countryside and walkways that surround them and have instead told themselves ‘the weekends are already to full’, ‘it’s too wet, too windy, too something’.

There are those who have wanted to find a way to give back, to contribute with their skills, knowledge & talents but have struggled to know how to or see what was possible.

And now, in one very harsh moment, in a crisis situation none of us could have fully realised, those things have become a reality. Most people are working from home, they are having more time with their loved ones as they isolate by households and, as a once per day bonus, most are free to go out for some fresh air to aid their mental & physical wellbeing. And some ¾ million people in the UK have volunteered to help support the NHS’s amazing work in a truly challenging time.

And so, as these long-held desires and ideas become reality, the question is how will they play out in the longer term? No one has the answer to where we are heading as a nation or globally, however, we all have time to reflect on the lives we have been living and the time to notice how it is being reframed.

I for one have been contemplating moving most of my self-care business online; it’s on my master goal list for 2020 and never has there been a better moment than the current one to focus on that goal & make it my new reality.

I also love the great outdoors. Being in nature is my ultimate joy, an element of my work and although I am unable to do my outdoor work right now, I can take my once per day outdoor time to fully engage with my environment, to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding me  and notice things that I would otherwise miss. Never again will I take it for granted and ‘not bother’ to go out. I will ensure I have time each day to just be and feel part of the magnificence that is our world and continue to encourage others to do the same through my work.

And never have I spent so much time each day reaching out to people, reconnecting, checking in, sending love and it has reminded me of the importance of staying connected regardless of everything else that is going on in life. Relationships matter.

How is your life being reframed?

What lessons are you learning in this time of crisis that will help you create and shape your lifestyle moving forward?

The truth is, we don’t know what we will be left with, or when we will be out of this. We don’t know what we will have lost or gained. There will be a long period of uncertainty for all, but we can still begin to craft a plan for the way we want our lives to be and build the mindset & habits that allow us to do so.

And I’ll be helping my clients on their journey… Nine Step Strategy

YvonneB x

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