Do You Say What You Mean?


Do You Say What You Mean?

What have you tackled or released from your physical being and life to gain freedom and toBlog Pic live authentically?

As someone who believes in high levels of self-care for my clients, my family & self, I realise being true to self is one of the best things we can do in the pursuit of it. We don’t always have to be searching for massive things to change in our lives. Sometimes it is the accumulation of multiple small changes that really brings about the biggest shift of all and being true to your heart and mind is one way of achieving it. I see it as an essential part of aligning with your core values.

Typically, we hide from challenging, questioning or disagreeing with those we love or even those we work with & for, in order to ‘fit in’, to comply, to be accepted, to ‘not rock the boat’. But when we do this it takes us off course from what truly matters bringing with it discomfort and resentment, both of which can be all-consuming.

Ask Yourself: ‘When something is bothering me, do I deal with it, sweep it under the rug or run & hide from it?’

There is a lot to be said for dealing with issues, challenges & disagreements head on although sometimes it is wise to take your time to construct your words into an organised pattern to create a more fluid and concise conversation as well as to bring some objectivity to what is often an emotional subject.

When You Deal With Things Head On, it allows for a clear way ahead, it relieves tension and it brings clarity to a relationship or situation. I have recently had experience of this and whilst the result was a parting of ways, it was the right outcome for all concerned. When you learn to break unhealthy bonds, behaviours or unsustainable working patterns, you immediately felt lighter and freer. This is usually because you have created a space for true alignment and that enables the right things to flow in.

You may end up questioning yourself why you hadn’t done something about it before but timing is everything and certain situations occur to bring about the right time so don’t beat yourself up for the time lapse.

When You Sweep Things Under The Rug (out of sight is out of mind) every time something triggers thoughts of the undealt issue you focus on it again and again and again… but as there is no action it remains trapped in your thoughts along with the many other thoughts. This is burdensome and over time the thought begins to eat away at you from the inside out, turning into resentment, dislike, lack of self-belief in handling situations or other negative emotions. It allows the rot to set in and you begin to feel unfulfilled, under-valued and stuck.

When You Run And Hide From Things you are basically saying you don’t have the ability or power to deal with them or the know-how. And what happens with that? In your imagination, you end up putting it under a magnifying glass, shining a light on it and watching it grow bigger and bigger until you feel so fearful you truly don’t think it is within your capabilities to deal with. This can be soul destroying and crushing to one’s confidence. It paves the way for increased fear to come in and take up residence within you.

There is no one way of dealing with situations and relationships, however, saying what you mean is a sound place to begin. Whilst there may be fall out from it, it is likely to be overdue fallout. And once it is dealt with, things can move on. And life feels a lot lighter when you’re not carrying a load on your back …

Say what you mean and lighten the load, you won’t regret it if you do; you probably will if you don’t… You can check out my 9-Step Self-Care Strategy and find out about breaking habits that hold you back.

YvonneB x

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