How Can We Help Those Sacrificing Their Self-Care For Us?

How Can We Help Those Sacrificing Their Self-Care For Us?

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and right now we are in the thick of Blog Photoone such moment in time.

As a health advocate and Self-Care coach, much of my time is spent helping others get themselves to the top of their to do list, building their inner & outer wellbeing in order to fulfill their goals, their chosen method to serve others and to feel full of life.

And yet here we are, a global pandemic bringing us to our knees and many individuals having zero self-care in their service to save as many lives as they can, often at the risk of their own. Lack of sleep, insufficient nutrition, minimal if any time for their own exercise needs and basically running on or near empty yet maintaining high levels of care & professionalism.

So, what can we do to support these amazing individuals? And I say individuals as oppose to collective because it is important to remember they too are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles; they are real people with real lives that they have put on hold to give unwavering, relentless service in their roles.

We know the basics of what we must do to help;

  1. Stay safe by keeping physically separated from others outside of our households
  2. Self-isolate in our homes if we display any symptoms
  3. Maintain safe distancing when shopping or going out for daily exercise
  4. Being regimental about our hand washing

And most of us appear to be doing these basics, understanding they are positive actions for self and for others.

But there are community heroes rising too.

There are those who are going the extra mile to support these individuals. You need look no further than veteran Captain Tom Moore who has become a legend overnight through his walking self-challenge, raising over 14.8 million pounds so far – Wow! Not only is he taking care of his own fitness, he is funding much needed equipment for frontline staff and inspiring others to do something.

And what about the local charities who are bringing communities together to make things happen? In BANES we have great works being carried out through 3SG, a registered charity, getting volunteers in motion, whether it’s making calls to those who are isolated & at high risk to ensure they stay connected, delivering medicines or sharing advice & tips on how to cope through these difficult times. All of this is key to mental wellbeing.

Then there are individuals creating groups who are sewing and packing goodies for frontline staff, be it care kits, scrubs or food packages. There are online Zoom meetings for reading clubs, for fitness and some just for fun. My women’s group set up a weekly Gratitude Circle meet-up online so we can check in with each other to ensure we are coping, share a favourite uplifting / Poems_The Gratitude Circle and take requests for help, doing what we can, where possible and within the guidelines we are currently living by.

Many of these initiatives, these wonderful acts of kindness & connectedness, are showing what the human spirit is capable of, what we can all do. And for every one of them, we ease some of the heavy load services such as the NHS, Carers and Doctors, would otherwise have to deal with. And right now, they need as much respite as they can get, some space to breathe, some time to replenish self before giving the 100% they have already been giving, again.

So, let’s all find ways to support them, not only the NHS but the Care Home Teams, the Emergency Services, Shop Owners still serving and all those who are ensuring we are kept safe. We have much to be grateful for and anything we can do can make a difference to them.

Be kind, be thoughtful and know that when people sacrifice their self-care for us, it is not to be taken for granted.  It is to be cherished.

What other ways can we help and acknowledge them? I’d love to know your thoughts…

YvonneB x

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