What Is Solitude Speaking Into You?


What Is Solitude Speaking Into You?

Being open to receiving words of wisdom is a wonderful path to understanding and I feel Blog photoit is plentiful right now. And I am making the most of it…

On one of my solo walks this past week I took to the rolling countryside close to home to walk (Nordic Walk) for my daily exercise. As always, I had my trusted uplifting playlist with me, the sun was shining brightly and even though bad news hung heavily in my heart from the day’s news, I felt ready to release it, to hand it over and breathe again.

On a previous walk in the same setting I had seen a tree standing alone in one of the many fields and I had promised myself to take a closer look on the next trip as I had felt a gravitational pull towards it.

Forty minutes into my walk, and there it was, in all its beauty, the tree. I decided to walk the circumference of its field to drink it in from every angle and in doing so, be at one with nature & allow it to speak into me.

“I stand alone but I am not alone… You see me as the lone tree, yet I am connected by my roots to the earth, the surrounding trees and life itself. I am powerful enough to hold this space, yet I know it is everything else that I am meshed with that keeps me strong. I never deny the need for love, support, or kindness.

I stand here alone and self-care whilst staying connected and I can feed those around me who need the energy to thrive. I can afford such generosity because I ensure I am always full. How?

By welcoming the rain and the sun, the warmth and the cold, the bitterness of a harsh winter and the brilliance of a hot summer knowing each of them provides me with something that will swell my soul, that will pulsate through me from the tips of my branches to the very beginnings of my roots.

I do not question them or ask them to leave. I do not dismiss them or try to hide from them. I open my branches to them, as they shake me, strip me and warm me through their seasons. Ultimately, each act feeds me and gives me the sustenance I require to go on…”

And we can learn from this. I feel we are being told to open our eyes, our minds & our hearts to learn from this.

It is a lesson on how to be an individual whilst being part of a collective, recognising our individuality is not something to hide, but something to embrace and treasure.

It is a lesson on learning to appreciate self and knowing the value we bring into the world, a value only we can bring in our individual ways.

It is a lesson on taking notice of every little thing that would otherwise pass us by yet is essential to our being; the indisputable presence of air in its invisibility around us, the blueness of the sky, the brilliance of the sun, the light of the moon, the appearance of the stars. The magnificent shades of green in the open spaces, the refreshing sound of running waters, the scent of flowers that tickle our nostrils, the uniqueness of each & every tree; twisted, tall, thin and heavy set. The fragility of being human and the recognition of our basic needs as humans ‘being’.

It is a lesson on love and how, without it, we shrink, becoming less than our most brilliant self.

It is a lesson on respecting this place we call home, not the four walls in which so many of us reside but planet earth, for it has powers we have yet to realise, powers far greater than the collective ‘we’.

And as we go through this phenomenal life shift, we are forced to look at how we have been living, how we have been behaving and reflect fully on what we see in this time of solitude. We can make decisions about breaking old patterns of behaviour, non-serving habits, to let go of past grudges, hate and blame to make way for healing our health, inside and out.

And to heal fully we must also learn to love.

And love comes from within us. It is the source from which we grow and in growing through self-love we blossom and bloom into all of who we can be to love others, in our work, in our rest and in our play.

So now, as I look to the tree standing in solitude, I see hope, I see joy. I see health. I see vitality and I feel love.

Whether you are taking your daily outdoor allowance, utilising your garden or staying in isolation, what do the quiet moments speak into you? And who can you connect to for help, words of encouragement & support?

You are welcome to join our small community at www.selfcarematters.online. I am on hand to encourage and support you…

“I have known solitude… It has been a companion in the darkest times, a safe place for transformation and I welcome it without fear of isolation because I know I am always connected, and solitude affords me time to replenish”

YvonneB x

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