Are You Sick Of Living Half A Life?


Are You Sick Of Living Half A Life?

What happens on the day you wake up and decide you’re sick of living half a life? You’re fed up with constantly running out of energy and losing momentum when going for your goals and quite frankly, you’re just plain tired of feeling worn out, exhausted and dissatisfied with life (possibly because you have been nurturing everyone else’s needs over your own).

Something’s got to give!

Exhausted Woman

Well, it’s time to prioritise your self-care, it’s time for you to get right with you. You need to put your health & wellbeing first and start releasing the person you are instead of continuing as the masked person pretending everything is perfect in their life. The ‘you’ that knows how to tap into and release the potential that is locked inside of you is waiting for attention, for permission and action. And it is that very same you who can break through limiting beliefs with confidence and create the life you truly deserve.

If you want more, you must unlock more of your potential and tap into your energy source. The point is, when your tank is full, that simply means you are replenished and full of energy, you can do more, for you and for others.

And if you are ready to take the road to ultimate health so you can live your desired life, here are 6 tips to help you on your way:

1. Train like an Athlete.

If you’ve made the effort to get to the gym, go for a run, swim, cycle, whatever it is, do it justice. And I don’t mean over train but instead, work what you’ve got with focused intention. Working out is the physical action required to bring about the external transformation as well as fine tune our internal systems and organs. As someone who has spent many years in and around the fitness industry, I know how much can be achieved with a regular fitness routine. And it all begins with being ready, willing and able, then finding the activities that fit you, your lifestyle and your fitness level.

2. Eat like a Nutritionist.

There’s little point in hitting the fitness if you don’t consider point 2 as a necessary part of the equation; eat right. Treat your body like a top of the range car. Pour in the best foods to get optimal results and to keep your energy high. Your body is designed to eliminate what it doesn’t need but if you overload it with crap, it will break down. Respect it. Nutrition is the essential fuel to realising your potential from the inside out. And as I look at my own mistakes in this area, where exercising was my thing and nutrition was not a priority (I wasn’t willing to change), I can only imagine the progress I would have made in my physical, mental and emotional resilience had I been willing to address this earlier on in my life.

3. Sleep like a Baby.

Note; if you do point’s one and two right, this is likely to take care of itself. If not, then notice what’s playing on your mind and deal with it. Often the avoided tasks & conversations fill your thought tank and you must empty it. Getting sufficient rest and downtime is essential to good health. As you learn to deal with issues, people and events, you are more able to switch off and relax. A couple of things I do pre-sleep is ensure my phone has been switched off at least one if not two -hours beforehand to avoid being drawn into emails, social media or any other communication app where I may feel the desire to respond and I always have a pad & pen by the bed so that if my sleep is disturbed, I can capture thoughts, ideas, concerns and let them go so I can get back to sleep and deal with the list next day (if there is anything I actually need to take action on).

4. Win like a Champion.

All points above covered? Then this one is just a matter of persistence, determination and focus. Be a champion at living a healthy lifestyle, of setting health & fitness goals that challenge you and of being a role model and inspiration to others… Drop the excuses, just do it. Your health is not a ‘nice to have’, it is a necessity. As you look at the current levels of wellbeing globally, it is not hard to see that health has been dismissed from the top spot by many things; working harder, working longer, fixing everyone else, over-consuming TV, over-consuming food and basically developing habits that move you further away from self-care. It’s this realisation that helped me shift my focus away from all things material to inner health, peace, connecting with nature and connecting with self. Here lies the true wealth of life.

5. Think like a Philosopher.

When you know the things you focus affect the outcomes in your life, it’s important to train yourself to focus on the things that support your goals. Run images of what you want frequently, play the desired outcome over and over on rewind so it becomes the story your mind knows, and your brain believes. Let it be your motivation as you create the healthy lifestyle you desire. And if you want to go one step further, create a vision board or vision movie, using images that reflect your desired life outcomes for your health, your career/business, family life, financial, leisure, whatever matters to you. I have found this to be incredibly powerful.

6. Speak like a Wordsmith.

Be a skilled user of the word, using them to reinforce your goals. ‘I create great health in my life’ is far more powerful than ‘I still need to lose weight, or I want to gain more lean muscle, or I just want to drop a dress size’. The spoken word builds strength into our actions. Your body hears each word and reacts accordingly. So, speak with encouragement, speak positively and speak kindly…

All of these things will serve you well on your way to a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

And remember, you don’t have to go it alone. In case you need a helping hand to keep you on track and focused, to provide you with words of encouragement, then find out how I can serve you on your journey…

To Your Health & Self-Care,

YvonneB x

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