Is Self-Care Transformative?

Is Self-Care Transformative?

Right out of the gate I would say yes… but then you would expect me to as a Self-Care Coach!

The truth is, I embed self-care principles in all areas of my personal life and my work, whether I am leading Nordic Walking classes, Personal Training clients, Nutrition Coaching or Mindset Coaching; every single one of these avenues lead to increased self-care and that leads my clients to making healthier life decisions that transform their experience of life (over time).

And what makes my work worthwhile is when I get to share my client’s stories because it is their experience and outcomes that remind me how important this work is. So here is one such story:


“I started Nordic walking during an extremely low and vulnerable time in my life. After the birth of my second child and having been a stay at home mother for 4 and a half years; I had become very isolated, my health had deteriorated, I was very overwhelmed and really not taking care of myself. I had become totally consumed by the expectations of motherhood (mostly my own distorted view of trying to be perfect and selfless) and somewhere along the way had completely lost myself. Unfortunately, the society we live in doesn’t value or support mothers that well. We’re kind of hidden behind closed doors and left to get on with it! I was desperately overwhelmed and knew I needed to find something just for me, to improve my mental and physical health. 

Nordic Walking seemed like a no brainer! If you love the outdoors, want to meet people, want low impact but still effective exercise without having to fork out for expensive kit, it really is the perfect solution.  It was also a bonus for me that it complimented all the postural principals of Pilates, having had long standing lower back issues compounded by pregnancy and hormones I was in quite a desperate way! The combination of Nordic Walking and Pilates gradually rebuilt my strength, stamina, and posture all in a gentle way. It was at my own pace, in a non-competitive environment with a group of lovely, interesting, supportive, and like-minded people. The biggest bonus is it being in the beautiful Somerset countryside! 

Joining the group met my expectations in every way.  What I certainly wasn’t expecting though was Yvonne! I can’t really find the words to do her enough justice, once you have the honour of getting to know her and being in her presence you might get what I mean. She’s a total bundle of joy, power, and knowledge, she just radiates it and it’s so empowering to be around it. Yvonne is such a beautiful lady, so supportive, caring, interesting and inspiring. She was part of the catalyst for me transforming my post-natal depression and turning it into the gift of a fresh start and a healthier more balanced way of life for me and my family. She really helped me for the first time in my life understand how essential self-care really is. Without it we can never live a full happy life, or truly be giving to others. Yvonne is so wonderfully passionate about self-care and it really is contagious!  I love how we can talk about almost anything and everything, just how much fun and laughter Yvonne creates with her sense of honour.  I also love her great sense of wonder. 

I’m so grateful for Yvonne, and all the lovely like-minded people she’s introduced me to. 
Thank you, Yvonne.”

Zena Wilson, Loving Mum, Wife & Home Leader

Thank you, Zena for your kind words. And as your journey continues, I feel confident you will have a happier & healthier life with your developed understanding of the importance of self-care, of giving your needs the time & space they deserve, and of the value of YOU!

How do I begin to support my clients with their self-care journey? By using my signature 3 Level process, what I call the self-care fundamentals:

Level 1. Awareness

1. Having A Heart 2 Heart – getting to the root of why we don’t make time for or have time for our self-care, be it work, be it expectations or a host of worn out stories about what it means to be the ‘perfect’ mother, wife, carer.

2. Operating On Auto-Loop – the habits that keep us stuck doing things detrimental to our self-care and why, even when we spot them, we continue to do them.

3. Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back – the beliefs supporting the habits on auto-loop and how, if left unchallenged, continue to fester, and lead us away from self-care.

Level 2. Alignment

4. Identifying Your Core Values – taking the time to uncover/discover & reveal the things that truly matter to us, the things that, when we don’t align with them, brings about discomfort, unease, and frustration.

5. Creating New Thoughts For Your Wellbeing – using those core values to reframe the old thoughts & beliefs into a truly supportive mindset, breaking the out of date patterns that once held us back.

6. Developing New Habits For A New Life – using those values & supporting beliefs to develop habits focused on prioritising self-care in a way that fits with our needs and wants.

Level 3. Action

7. Planning For Success – following through on the adage, fail to plan and you plan to fail. Creating space to ensure small daily steps are identified to shift in the direction of consistent self-care.

8. Taking Daily Steps To The Finish Line – embedding those daily steps without guilt or fear of not being able to maintain them when life throws a spanner in the works.

9. Reflecting, Reviewing, Revising & Rewarding – taking time out to reflect on what has changed, who has been affected & how, how we feel about it and whether we need to change or tweak anything and reward ourselves for sticking to the new behaviours.

The fact is, self-care doesn’t have an end, it develops with you and for the good of you so that you can thrive energetically and live a happier healthier life, thus transforming your life.

It’s about getting those fundamentals in place and then moving more deeply into the health realm, focusing on your physical (inside & out) and mental wellbeing, which affect your emotional wellbeing.

Self-care really is the best care! Are you ready to get on the top of your to do list?

To Your Health,

YvonneB x

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