3 Ways To Increase Your Self-Care Beyond Nutrition & Fitness


3 Ways To Increase Your Self-Care Beyond Nutrition & Fitness

Practicing self-care through better nutrition & fitness is great, however, it’s not the be all and end all. To live optimally you must adopt the mindset, habits and outlook that serve your higher self. You must tune your senses into those things that develop you, that increase your level of self-care and that underline why you must be a priority in your life. Good health, after all, is all encompassing.

Woman Self-Care

Here are 3 ways to check in with your current level of self-care and to make any necessary changes to elevate it:


  1. What are you watching? Your eyes are a channel of absorption. What they see impacts your conscious self and your subconscious. They can draw in images that lift you, empower you and inspire you. Equally they can create pictures that fill you with fear, doubt and lack. What is it that you see that tells you, you are not enough, that you should not give time to your needs; that you can wait?

And what are you reading? The stories and information you see can build beliefs within you. And these can expand you, building your personal development & growth or they can shrink you, reducing your outlook on life, your self-belief, your confidence and distorting the opportunities that were meant for you. What time are you making for reading materials that feed your wellbeing, that speak to your potential; that uplift and encourage you?


  • Who & what are you listening to? Your ears fill with the sound of words and words can work in your favour or against you. Words have power as they can shape your thoughts and feelings. The right words can fill you with love, joy, and hope. The wrong words can fill you with hate, unhappiness, and despair. What spoken words are you allowing into your life? Are they words that speak greatness into you, that remind you of how powerful and wonderful a human being you are? Or are they words they words spoken to keep you small, words that say you are not enough, not worthy?


  • What of your people; who are you spending time with, and being influenced by? The people in your life can change everything, for the better or for the worst. In the best of circumstances the people you surround yourself with will add to your joy, fill your cup, be a part of your success whilst on the flip side, they could be the type of people who bleed you dry, limit you and your thinking. Are you choosing who you spend time with, consciously selecting those who inspire you, support you and want to see you succeed? Or are you letting anyone flow into your space, often with dire consequences?

Each of these things can swell your wellbeing or bleed it dry and it is your responsibility to make the choices that support your goals, your ambition, and your self-care. You must choose the healthiest options in all areas of your life over shortcuts, quick fixes, automatic behaviours, and indecision.

This level of self-care will enhance your life and allow life to blossom as it is meant to. When you put these steps into practice you will see and feel a shift in your life and realise just how much personal power you have for the direction of your life.

So, take some time to reflect on who and what is seeping into your time, whether it is for your growth or your shrinking… Because the best and most healthy lifestyle is the one where you decide what comes into your space and what you let go of. 

Sending Self-Care Wishes,

YvonneB x


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