What Are You Doing To Upgrade Your Life?

What Are You Doing To Upgrade Your Life?

The 2.0 upgrade to living is available to YOU – are you ready to seize it by creating a healthy mindset, building your confidence, and developing abundant self-care habits? That is the question!

Healthy Happy Lifestyle!

Sadly, too much time is spent replaying the past, thinking about what went wrong, what you didn’t do, what you should have done, why things & places got in the way and stopped you from achieving what you wanted to or believing you don’t deserve the good life you crave (and of course you do)… It’s a long and worn out series of records that break your mind, heart & spirit. They keep you in the 1.0 version of you and erase hope for what is truly possible for you.

If you could rectify it, what would you be willing to do?

Maybe the best start is to HIT DELETE on the things getting in the way such as:

Carrying Your Past On Your Back

You must ask yourself ‘why am I opting to carry this load when all it’s doing is breaking my back?’ The past is not for carrying, it is not meant to be a burden, a constant reminder of wrongs, misfortunes and sadness. The past is your greatest lesson for making today better, more uplifting, more focused and rewarding.

When you choose to shed the weight of the past, extracting from it the teachings that can from here on in enrich your life, life feels like the gift it is. Life begins to be your joy instead of your pain. But it is up to you. You have to decide to release yourself from the thoughts and feelings that hamper your growth, that frustrate you and that disable you from forgiving and letting go.

Instead of addressing yours & others past errors over and over again, wouldn’t it be more rewarding to be thankful for this new day, for your loved ones, for the opportunities and possibilities this new moment in time can bring? Everything you experience in life is the outcome of a series of choices so make sure your choices count and lighten your load…

Letting Fear Hold You Back

Fear can show up in many ways:

If you fear failure so much that you constantly talk yourself out of doing the things that you want to, then you are not living at all. You are instead choosing to fall into line, to just do enough and be like the mass.

If you fear making the same mistake twice and therefore avoid doing what is necessary, then you are demonstrating a lack of belief in what you have learnt from previous mistakes. You have either missed the lesson or dismissed it.

If you fear others opinions of what you wish to do, you are handing over control of your life to others, many of whom do not know you, your skills or your potential. And honestly, in the bigger scheme of things, they probably don’t care that deeply about what you do but more about how what you do affects them or pressures them to do more.

If you fear success you are basically saying you don’t believe you have more inside you, more gifts, more words, more ability and possibly, that you don’t deserve it. And yet as you review the timeline of your life you can see how with each win and each loss, you have developed and grown and why rewards will come your way.

The truth is, until you break the bonds of fear, you will continue to operate through the world being less than your potential. You will share fewer of your gifts than is possible and you will live a smaller life than intended for you.

Trying To Be An Island

Knowing when to ask for help is a strength… No matter how strong we are as individuals, there are likely to be moments when we need help. And it’s important to know this, accept it and not let pride or fear stop us from asking for it.

When we have a problem that is weighing us down, it gets heavier if we try to ignore it, increasing the pain and in the worst situations, affecting our health, physically, emotionally and mentally, taking us to burnout.

Whilst it’s important to be able to stand alone we must also know when togetherness is the right option and be brave enough to get the help required. This also allows those who can help to do so, to express their kindness to another; to extend a helping hand.

Thus the best way to UPGRADE to the 2.0 version of you, is to:

Focus On What You Can Do Today To Achieve Your Goals

The rule of thumb is you keep doing a little bit each day to get the desired results in the future.

Whatever area of life you wish to focus on, you can make significant changes in a matter of months just by doing a 5-minute action today and every day. So, don’t let anything stand in-between the efforts you are capable of and your desired results; they will come if you consistently & persistently do the work.

Shake off the excuses, let go of the past and do what is necessary to fulfill your goals… One small step is all that is required each day.

Shine Without Apology

Shine your greatness into the world. Don’t be afraid to be all of who you are, to unlock your full potential. You have been put here to radiate energy, to demonstrate what is possible in the area you are gifted with. And by being all of who you are, you serve our world completely. And you are here to serve.

So never play small. Never allow the limitations of human thinking to limit what is locked inside you. This shell we call a body is a coating for something much greater than the eye can see. Set the world on fire with your presence and shine as brightly as the stars in the sky… It’s the very best thing you can do because you are a light for others, a torch that guides the way for those who have become lost in the humdrum woes of daily life; not as a boastful boss, but rather a worthy empathetic leader.

And as you lean into your purpose, you unleash your energy and unlock your potential. You shine so brightly that others cannot resist your aura; they are drawn to you like bees to honey and they allow your warmth to wash over them, filling them with hope and insights. And they position themselves to support you as you pour energy into them.

And for all concerned the end result of this is the exquisiteness of change; gained focus, clarity, kindness, forgiveness, connectedness and love. And with these inner resources all things become possible, all goals become reachable and creation becomes the norm.

Take Care Of Your Body

Not as a vanity project, as an essential requirement to fulfilling your potential.  We use it everyday to get from A to B, to do the work we do, to take care of our loved ones, to do everything from the mundane to the utterly exciting so why does it drop off the priority list? It is the ultimate practical resource we have to accomplish our biggest dreams and yet we falter with investing in our wellness. We look for short cuts or we make excuses why it’s not the important.

It’s never too soon or too late to take care of your body. Feed it respectfully, exercise it intentionally, rest it frequently and love it wholeheartedly. These 4 things will not only bring physical gains, it will settle and focus the mind. It will help bring clarity and insights powering the thought processes in a more effective and positive way. Keeping your body in good health is a duty and the number one priority for reaching version 2.0!

What does your upgrade look like? Why is it important? And what are you willing to do to achieve it?

Live Blissfully



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