When Will You Begin?


When will you begin because it is impossible to finish what you don’t start!

It all begins with one step… There comes a moment in time when you must accept that getting into action is the only thing that will get you over the starting line. No amount of positive thinking, dreaming, hoping and wishing can materialise into something meaningful without you doing something.

The goal here is to not go into overwhelm, trying to figure out every single possibility, every single move. Overwhelm usually leads to procrastination and that won’t help you realise your desired achievements. You’ll end up feeling stuck in a treacle laden puddle of doubt, indecisiveness, and inaction.

Instead choose to do one thing, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant it may appear. Because ultimately that small step that gets you started will create another action, and another until, before you know it, you are in the flow of movement and things around you begin to change and reshape, creating other opportunities and possibilities.

  • Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time

It doesn’t exist! There is rarely the perfect set of circumstances from which to launch your idea, realise your dreams, do your thing. You might want to wait until you have more time, more money, fewer responsibilities but too often they are delay tactics. In truth it is about doing what you can, with what you have from where you are and allowing the universe to see your consistent efforts so that you can attract more of that into your world.

  • Take Continuous Action – Consistency Rules The Day

As mentioned above, it is all about consistency. It is the ultimate action for success in anything you do. Eat well consistently and your health improves Exercise consistently and your body’s ability to move effectively improves Read & learn consistently and your knowledge bank grows… You get the picture!

If there is anything you are hoping or planning on achieving in this lifetime, be prepared to take the necessary actions consistently. It doesn’t matter how small the actions are, it is your willingness to keep taking them that will get you over the finishing line (and that applies to your self-care too!)

  • Use Action To Stamp Out Fear

You have a brilliant idea, you set your goals and your excitement around the possibilities of realise your dreams is ignited. And then fear creeps in. Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day there are more reasons why this thing you crave to do is not possible. You don’t have enough knowledge, you don’t have enough experience, you don’t know the right people, you haven’t got the money… and on the list goes until the excitement dies and you are left with inadequacy, that lie that says ‘you are not enough’.

Well it is time to wake up to the truth – you are more than enough! You have within you resources yet to be discovered and connections you have yet to call upon. It’s about getting past or through that ‘self-protection’ mechanism that, if given the chance, will keep you safe but also small. You are so much more so take action, note every single one you take and begin to see that, with consistent effort, nothing is too big to achieve and watch the fear dissipate as you continue to make progress.

  • Step Into This Moment (Not The Past, Not The Future)

Do what you have to do from today. Forget about what you didn’t do previously or what you did do that is threatening to keep you stuck. That was then, this is now. And release the pressure of expectations that constantly being in the future brings. Know what you desire and then step into this moment to bring it into reality, allowing the future to open, shape & reshape as you continue with your current works. It is ‘this moment’ where the value lies and what you do with it makes all the difference.

Simply Remember This: You can’t finish what you don’t start so do the right thing; Start Today from where you are, with what you’ve got knowing that everything else will unfold…

Live Blissfully,

YvonneB x


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