What Are Your Takeaways From 2020?

What Are Your Takeaways From 2020?

I love to step back at the end of each year and pull out the highlights, the events, people, and creative outlets that have made the year worth it, no matter how difficult it has been.

And what a year 2020 was! Not to be forgotten. A lot of pain and sadness for many, too many defining moments of human injustice alongside some wonderful rebuilding of community spirit and human kindness.

As I take a personal reflection journey on 2020, it has certainly proved to be a full one….

Meeting My Learning & Development Needs:

Precision Nutrition Level 1 successfully completed during the first lockdown – yay!

Streams of time spent in nature and being open to letting it share so many life lessons. Glorious….

Spending Quality Time Watching Films:

All based on true stories (my fav film category)

A United Kingdom

C J Walker

Hillbilly Elegy

Miss Virginia

Reading Excellent Books:

Natives; Race & Class in the Ruins of Empire: Akala

Untamed: Glennon Doyle

Becoming: Michelle Obama

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Taking Care Of My Fitness Challenge Goals:

13-mile Nordic Walk

21-mile Nordic Walk

1000 miles in 2020 (well, just over 1300 miles all coming from classes, personal runs and distance walking sessions, not daily walking)

Finding Ways to Give Back:

Bath Women’s Fund – philanthropist

W4 – mentoring

Julian House – 21-mile walk for charity (thank you to all those who sponsored me!)

And whilst it has been a turbulent year, many amazing opportunities opened, allowing me to play my part in making/starting to make a difference. Confirmed Director positions at:

Somer Valley FM – Health & Wellbeing Expertise, delivering H&F tips throughout 2020 as people learned to work out from home or get out into nature. Also hosting my 2 shows; Women’s Power Hour showcasing H&W professionals, offering their insights, advice & tips and The Energiser Show focussing on great upbeat music sprinkled with a dose of good news, often from community interest groups & companies doing great work locally. Working on connecting with & encouraging diverse presenters to come on board. www.somervalleyfm.co.uk

Ecowild CIC – Nature, Health & Wellbeing Expertise, working with Emily Malik to develop more ways for people to interact with nature and receive the benefits of it. Additionally, to open conversations about increasing diversity in nature-based practices, the benefits of the great outdoors for all and the need to take care of our environment. www.ecowild.org.uk

B-In Bath Network CIC – Coaching & mentoring expertise along with entrepreneurial experience to support projects in Bath & surrounding areas with the goal of reaching & engaging people from diverse underrepresented backgrounds. www.bib-network.org

A huge THANK YOU to Dom, Emily & Renée, for inviting me to be part of these amazing communities.

Exciting Beginnings!

Along with my partner, we have managed to get our personal training gym up & ready! Having watched the lockdown of gyms and other leisure facilities at a time when people needed to take care of their wellbeing more, not less, this project came about by a few chance conversations. With a fantastically supportive leadership at the club, we have created a rather special private space for 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 training sessions. Although currently closed due to restrictions, it will all be ready once we come out the other side! www.professionalpt.uk

Pooling together the content for my uplifting ‘verse per day’ book – slow progression, but I managed to get 2/3rds of it in order. Nearly there!

Joyful Work:

Nordic Walking Classes – so lucky to have such amazing clients who show up week after week and trust me to help them get fitter & healthier. And secured the opportunity to deliver a NW programme in London for people who have been isolated due to the Covid virus and who wanted to get social safely.

Private Coaching Clients – so thankful you trust me to support you with your mental & physical wellbeing. It’s not a role I take for granted; it is a role I am blessed to have.

Self-Care Coaching – setting aside time to develop my high-end online self-care coaching programme! It’s taken a while but every day I’m a little bit closer to completing it 😊.

And Then, The Thank You Notes:

To my family – always. So supportive, so much fun and always there. We have had/have our own challenges to deal with and yet the love that flows from our unit never fails to fuel me.

To Carie Lyndene – for the insightful online programme that helped me create a roadmap for my coaching business.

To Inyang – for my money mindset coaching

To Robert Arthur – for patiently supporting me on my Isagenix journey.

To Bev Iles at BPB – for being my new accountant. Rarely something I get excited about, but you have already proved your value and it’s a blessing to have you onside.

To Angela Belassie, PR The Write Way – for getting some amazing PR coverage in 2020 f0r my work (you are my PR gem!)

Susie Mackie – for my fab new photos! I’m so pleased with them and look forward to doing the rest soon!

To all my friends & connections because you are in my life for a reason and I am grateful for that.


Welcoming my grandson, Ezekiel (Zeke) into the world. Thank you to my darling son & daughter-in-law for blessing our family with this oh too gorgeous human being…

An eventful year indeed, and one I express gratitude for even as I acknowledge the most difficult days… What will you take away from 2020?

With love

YvonneB x

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