How Are You Viewing Life?


How are you viewing life?

Your interpretation of life is built on your very personal mind map of the world, your experiences, your beliefs (as well as those others have given you), your influencers, your values and often, on how you are feeling in any given moment. Add to that the human inclination to think the worst (flight/flight) and is it any wonder we get stuck, feel unhappy, disconnected?

And of course all of these feelings impact our ability to explore all of our gifts & skills, take care of ourselves, often prioritising everything external of self and leaving little time & energy if any, for the internal needs.

If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be!

Maya Angelou

There is much to learn from the wisdom of others as well as our own innate wisdom and with this in mind I am encouraging you to head over to Somer Valley FM where I host 2 radio shows, The Women’s Power Hour and The Energiser Show. You can access the different shows live or on demand. The one I want to point you to is The Women’s Power Hour Show playing out today, as I type this, 24th March. It will only be available for 4 weeks so it is time sensitive (although there will be plenty of other great shows for you to access).

Values are the shields that you carry throughout life and it protects you from whatever life throws at you.”

Queen Rania of Jordan

Let us begin to look at life through a wider lense, allowing our own & others experiences to broaden our perspective instead of closing us down, shutting us in. There is greatness in each and everyone of us… It is up to us to reveal it and we can!

Be inspired! Be uplifted! Believe In You…

With love,

YvonneB x

YvonneB on Somer Valley 97.5fm

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