3 Reasons Why Self-Care Will Make You More Productive!

One of the most common themes when I speak to my clients about the importance of self-care is that “Yes it would be nice but who has time for such luxuries!”. For some “mysterious” reason it is widely believed that a woman that invests time in herself is a privileged woman of leisure and while this might be the case when self-care is directly associated with spa days and sipping Mimosas in the grounds of your club house, it is a huge misconception.

Self-care starts with valuing yourself and accepting that you deserve as much time and attention as the next person. Forget the lack of time (it is only an illusion), take a few minutes of any hour to breathe deeply and bring yourself back in the moment, take a walk, sleep a little more, enroll in a course, take up the hobby you have been putting off for years, read a book and generally do a little something as often as possible that brings you joy and makes you feel more connected to yourself. The first step you must take is scheduling the activity and date in your calendar right away and make sure you honor it when the time comes. Your future self will thank you.

People that practice self-care reap many rewards but here we will only touch on three that I believe will make you think twice next time you tell yourself “Self-care is a luxury I cannot afford”.

You will have more energy

A small search online regarding boosting energy levels leads to variations of the examples I mentioned earlier as possible self-care options. Is this a coincidence? Not at all.

When a person looks after their body, mind, and soul they automatically create positive space around them because they feel happier, they also feel more energetic and motivated. And consequently, they are a delight to be around. Good energy is contagious. Think about this next time you run yourself into the ground for the wellbeing of all the others around you and all the feedback you get is that you are not much fun to be around. When I personally received this response, I thought “Sure, I would also be a lot of fun if somebody was doing everything for me” and then it dawned on me “Why would anyone spend time on me if I don’t spent time on myself?”. It is amazing how taking responsibility of your actions frees you on so many different levels, but that is a discussion for another time.

Your drive to do things will increase

Spending time on you eventually increases your self-esteem and it makes you see the value of it in your life. It is a kindness you do, not only to yourself, but to your loved ones. The more you appreciate yourself the more your drive to explore and break the routine will become stronger. Each one of us has 24 hours in a day, the use of this time is what makes the difference. Routine is good on some occasions, but it can also be a killer for creativity and drive. The more you stimulate your brain with new pictures, activities, challenges the happier it is and the younger it remains.  Self-care gives you the opportunity to feel good and worthy and because of that your drive to improve and create a better environment for yourself and your loved ones becomes your reality.

Who said you could not be fun to be around?

You will get more clarity

So, you can regain your energy and your drive just by taking the time to assess and meet your own needs. What can make this experience even more remarkable?

It is said that a rested brain is a creative brain. I will add that it is also a fertile ground for clarity and focus. You see all these concepts are intertwined and have their beginnings always in the persons sense of self-worth.  

You may ask why I consider clarity one of the major benefits of self-care. Clarity is one of the most important and challenging things to get when it comes to setting goals. However, a person that practices selfcare is more likely to be able to maintain peace of mind and calm to attain the focus required to get clear about what they want. And to be as close to certain as you can be to getting what you want you must learn how to actively set short and long-term goals.

There are no quick fixes in life. Working on yourself is an activity that never stops. Every day can be the same as the next or a world of possibilities with new things to learn, do and appreciate. The only one that decides which it is going to be, is you.

If you do not want to be like the millions that let routine steal their joy, act now! Learn how to set goals and replace habits that do not serve you with new ones and let your application of self-care support you in your desired direction.

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Evi Kathrepti

Productivity, Career & Change Coach

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