It’s All About The Journey…

It’s All About The Journey – Whether your desired destination is near or far, the steps you take along the way are the things that shape you, that develop you and empower you to keep going.

With this in mind, having daily prompts to activate & stimulate your thinking as well as your actions, are key. They ensure you stay engaged without becoming overwhelmed, providing bite sized activities.

This is the very reason I have enjoyed exploring Journey App. With a plethora of engaging weekly to month long courses, delivered in short thought-provoking prompts, there is something for everyone, for all your personal, professional & health focused needs.

From gratitude to success, self-care to productivity, it has never been easier to start and focus on what you wish to achieve.

What I have learnt from using Journey App is:

  1. Time is not a valid reason for not getting things done. These daily prompts demonstrate how by simplifying actions, you can move forward in minutes. It’s not about setting hours of time aside; it’s about utilising your time effectively and Journey helps make that happen.
  • You don’t have to know everything to begin. Whether you want to master the art of self-care or another area of growth, Journey holds your hand with the encouragement of a professional community of coaches, each with something unique to offer, each with their own perspective to broaden your own.
  • All the tools you need are in one place. From the choice of courses to the planning tools, professional coaches and blog posts, Journey is a wonderful resource that allows you to capture your thoughts and action steps in one place, safely & securely.
  • It’s fun! If you’re a bit of an explorer like me, there is an endless choice of quality courses to dip in to. Our best growth comes when we are having fun, enjoying the process and Journey definitely helps you to do that!
  • Every time you do something for you, you practice self-care! Yes, those moments of learning, testing out, discovering and transforming thoughts & behaviours feed into your self-care. They are for your mental, physical, spiritual & emotional wellbeing. They are the things you do to ‘be’ more of your potential.

I’m excited to be contributing a 2-part self-care course to the Journey app, Put Yourself First“, one designed to provoke deeper self-questioning and self-awareness. I hope you enjoy it along with the other great courses available!

It’s all about the Journey…

With love

YvonneB x



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