Centre Stage, Sharing Stories

Each month in the Permission To Thrive Community we host a Centre Stage event. In this space we welcome members and guests to be in the spotlight and shine.

It is a delicious opportunity to meet the wonderful women in our community, to find out more about their lives, their work and how they wish to contribute to our community, sharing their gifts, talents & skills for the good of all.

There is something very special about taking a moment to invite someone Centre Stage, and taking a moment to hear their story, to hold a safe space for their self-expression and to be with them.

And the guests we invite to be Centre Stage are women who, often, have had life-changing experiences, and who have learnt valuable life lessons presented to them through their experience & want to impart the wisdom gained for the growth & benefit of others.

This is the wonder of community! This is the joy of coming together to connect, and to deliver an uplifting message.

In Permission To Thrive, we encourage all of our beautiful souls to bring all of themselves, knowing there will be no judgement, no harshness, no ‘one way is the right way’ philosophies. Instead, encouragement to explore, be curious, to ask, to receive, to simply be kind & compassionate expressing encouragement and support. After all, aren’t there enough difficulties, demands & expectations in daily life? Aren’t most of us craving true connections that inspire us to lift ourselves up. shifting our internal messaging to self-belief, confidence & abundance?

Permission To Thrive is not simply a ‘nice name,’ it is a way of being. It reflects us giving ourselves permission to be all of who we are in this moment, with appreciation & acceptance, whilst shaping the way we wish to show up in this world, starting with ‘being’ who we are when we connect with our innate power, our true self.

We have chosen to journey together, to hold each other up, to strengthen ourselves through the art of self-care, exploring the possibilities and finding all the ways to be…

As A Member You Get Access To…

  • A community of like-minded women who are focused on putting their self-care first so they can show up in the world from a place of internal strength
  • Regular mini workouts to give your physical self the nourishment it needs to function optimally.
  • Weekly doses of motivation through quotes & video content, to uplift and encourage you to build a healthy thriving mindset.
  • Weekly polls & questions for you to share your thoughts, insights, and preferences, all of which will help us build our community.
  • Time to explore resources for different areas of your life, helping you to build your own holistic self-care plan based on your personal interests.
  • Amazing practitioners (all over fifty!) who share their skills, stories & knowledge, encouraging you to be curious as well as answer your most pressing questions.
  • Monthly fun sessions where you get to dance like no one is watching, sing, or simply share a special moment with other special women.
  • And give back. As part of your membership, we are committed to contributing to organisations supporting the wellbeing of women.

If this sounds like a community you would love to be part of, come and join us!

Head over to www.permissiontothrive.online and secure your first month FREE!

With Love,

YvonneB x

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