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Yvonne Bignall: Award-winning interpersonal Skills Facilitator & Health Advocate… Inspiring Confidence, Unlocking Potential. No.1 Best-selling Author…cropped-20170304_160443.jpg

As an Interpersonal Skills Facilitator & Health Advocate, YvonneB:

1. Designs and delivers effective workshops in everyday interpersonal skills, helping staff maximise their potential, enabling them to fulfil their job roles effectively

2. Engages with global training organisations as a skilled associate offering interpersonal skills facilitation, collaborating to achieve more together, reaching a wider audience

3. Coaches and trains women over 50 on how to live healthier authentic lives, unravelling the many masks they wear, to reveal their true beautiful being

Author of the best-selling book “Suck It Up Or Change – If you want a better life you create it” YvonneB lives life applying the 7F Principles she uncovers in her book and shares elements of them in her work delivery:

1. Being Fit & healthy – putting your health first, becoming mentally, physically & emotionally strong to maximise daily living
2. Being Fearless – building confidence to break-through fears, enabling you to do the things you truly desire
3. Creating Freedom – taking control of what you can, so that you can experience freedom as defined by you
4. Paying it Forward – serving, supporting and sharing; locally, globally, to make a difference
5. Enjoying Friends, Family & Network – building a network of positive supportive people to collaborate with and to give & receive help
6. Having Fun – setting aside time to enjoy life doing the things that bring you joy
7. Having Faith – developing the belief, be it in self or in a higher being, that inspires you to go for your dreams

Favourite Quote: Go to the edge and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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