How Does Hate Affect Self-Care?

Last week I wrote a post on Facebook explaining why I had dropped out of my usual posting on social media. It was necessary. It was being true to me and my feelings, something self-care encourages. It was a difficult week of wanting to scream at the injustices in life, face up to their continued existence and understand the duty I have, to stand up & speak up because hate kills..

How Do You Kick-start Your Self-Care For The Week Ahead?

There are so many ways to implement self-care into your routine, however, what you choose must have meaning or purpose for you otherwise it is likely to drop off the schedule. It won’t be viewed as important and if anything needs to give, I’d bet money that self-care slot would be removed.

Holding Onto Faith In The Difficult Moments…

Though the road ahead may appear dark with hidden shadows of doubt and pain, persevere. Even in the face of crippling indecision and heartbreaking outcomes, hold onto your faith.
Because God is with you.


Guilt serves one purpose; to keep you engaged in your past. It holds you there and if you are there you are unable to be here in the present. And that means you are not living your life because the only life you have is here and now. Guilt is a grip like vice throwing…

Knowing When It’s Time To Forgive

Being able to forgive someone or a group of people takes time and effort. It’s not unusual for forgiveness to take years, especially if the pain (your emotions are the key here) has been huge. We are emotional creatures and as such the larger the pain the more hurt and angry we become. And on…