Do You Say What You Mean?

Do You Say What You Mean?

What have you tackled or released from your physical being and life to gain freedom and to live authentically?

How Is Your Life Being Reframed?

How Is Your Life Being Reframed?

Not so many weeks ago, possibly months, what is fast becoming the norm was being dismissed as ‘impossible’, ’time-consuming’, something for the future.

People have been demanding the opportunity to work from home, to have the chance to work remotely, with many being told it’s not an option, ‘the company can’t function that way’.

Are You Sick Of Running Out Of Energy?

Okay, you wake up and decide you’re sick to death of living life at half-mast. You’re fed up with constantly running out of energy and losing momentum when going for your goals and quite frankly, you’re just plain tired of feeling worn out, exhausted and dissatisfied with life… Something’s got to give!

Is Superwoman Syndrome Stressing You Out?

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a superwoman. I wanted to have all the answers, I wanted to be seen to be able to do everything and I wanted to be perfect

But then reality hit me, and it hit me hard! I didn’t have all the answers; trying to do everything was taking me to planet stress and burn out and as for being perfect… what the hell is that?!

So, what did I do? I started taking care of me and redesigned what Superwoman means to me because I meet lots of superwomen and they are not the sum of everything they do for everyone else whilst their health deteriorates. They are women to be valued, loved & honoured…

What Difference Does A Self-Care Coach Make?

During a deep dive conversation with a journalist about life-coaching, she asked me why I felt I made a difference as a self-care coach and I found myself reflecting way beyond the 15 years I have spent on my own personal development journey and way beyond the 35 year experience I have had in health & fitness; in fact, it was a question that caused me to look at my entire life journey.

Are You Raising Babies Or Adults?

Probably the most important top tier relationship women who are parents manage is
tied to their children. That’s not to say men aren’t tied to it too, however, even in 2020 we cannot deny the main parenting role is still expected to come from ‘mum’.