Festive Fitness!

I was going to sign off 2015 by writing up my favourite health tips and then I remembered a similar post from 2013 and decided to rerun it (‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’ moment) along with some links to other related posts. So here goes… Christmas can be a potential minefield with alcohol flowing, food aplenty…

Rough & Tumble… I Did it!

Sunday 12th of January arrived and with it the first of my charity fundraising events; Rough & Tumble… I Did It! I’m not sure how I did it because it was by far the toughest ‘run’ I have ever done (more walking than running on my part) and more challenging than I had expected. It…

Nutrition – You are what you Eat!

I have never been a fan of dieting. Even in my competitive sport’s days, dieting was a real ‘challenge’ for me. Nutrition isn’t just about how food affects your outer image. The most important thing about nutrition is that, like oil and petrol for a car, it makes the difference to how your body functions….

I Am Strong, Healthy & Happy!

As someone who has remained relatively active over my lifetime, it has become apparent that looking after your body is as important as looking after your mind. Being strong, healthy & happy matters… Starting your own business can be a challenging experience and I believe keeping in shape helps in a number of ways: Mental…

You've Got To Have A Fitness Anthem

A classic national anthem for anyone who is determined to succeed at what they do… That’ll be me then! Bring on the fitness challenges – I’m ready to step up One life, live it well and live it fully… Ain’t No Stopping Us Now! YvonneB