Yes You Can Challenge

I’ve been busy reflecting on my Yes You Can Challenge fundraising event that took place on Sunday 12th January in Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire. Tough? I can’t begin to tell you just how tough it was but… As I travelled around the 10-mile course I began to connect the challenge to my life experience. Hill number…

Nutrition – You are what you Eat!

I have never been a fan of dieting. Even in my competitive sport’s days, dieting was a real ‘challenge’ for me. Nutrition isn’t just about how food affects your outer image. The most important thing about nutrition is that, like oil and petrol for a car, it makes the difference to how your body functions….

I Am Strong, Healthy & Happy!

As someone who has remained relatively active over my lifetime, it has become apparent that looking after your body is as important as looking after your mind. Being strong, healthy & happy matters… Starting your own business can be a challenging experience and I believe keeping in shape helps in a number of ways: Mental…

Keep Your Can't To Yourself!

Do you ever get fed up of hearing people tell you what you can or can’t do, what is possible or not for you; like they’ve lived your life?! Do you ever feel like shouting ‘Keep your ‘can’t’ to yourself‘? It happens to a lot of people and the worst thing is they end up…

You've Got To Have A Fitness Anthem

A classic national anthem for anyone who is determined to succeed at what they do… That’ll be me then! Bring on the fitness challenges – I’m ready to step up One life, live it well and live it fully… Ain’t No Stopping Us Now! YvonneB