Over-Scheduled, Under Cared For…

Are you feeling over-scheduled, under cared for?

Time is tight and there are hundreds of super important things you need to do. Sadly, you have not been prioritised as one of them and that lack of self-care is taking its toll…

How Do You Kick-start Your Self-Care For The Week Ahead?

There are so many ways to implement self-care into your routine, however, what you choose must have meaning or purpose for you otherwise it is likely to drop off the schedule. It won’t be viewed as important and if anything needs to give, I’d bet money that self-care slot would be removed.

Top Level Relationships That Have You Running Out Of Steam

So much responsibility, so many things to do… Are you running out of steam? You are managing:
The Kids
Your Partner
Ageing Parents
Your Job/Business

And that’s without considering what you do with/for friends, community, school involvement, church and everything else.

I for one am not disputing these top-level relationships should be nurtured. They are key to being connected as human beings, they are often the source of our love, joy and commitment to living. However, there is another top-level relationship missing… You!
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