How Does Nutrition Affect Your Self-Care?

Self-care is made up of many parts, from mindset, to habit breaking, reframing, and
creating new habits, to letting go of guilt, scheduling and building in daily self-care actions. The highest levels are achieved by taking daily steps in each area, consistently over time. And because it is a lifestyle, it doesn’t have a final goal, rather a continuous review & readjustment.

Is Superwoman Syndrome Stressing You Out?

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a superwoman. I wanted to have all the answers, I wanted to be seen to be able to do everything and I wanted to be perfect

But then reality hit me, and it hit me hard! I didn’t have all the answers; trying to do everything was taking me to planet stress and burn out and as for being perfect… what the hell is that?!

So, what did I do? I started taking care of me and redesigned what Superwoman means to me because I meet lots of superwomen and they are not the sum of everything they do for everyone else whilst their health deteriorates. They are women to be valued, loved & honoured…

Drowning In Stress

We are living in stressful times. We’re being asked to work harder, longer and with way more responsibility. Is it any wonder people are drowning in stress, getting burnt out and hating life?

Less Stress, Better Health!

Jump on over to Your Tango to see my latest post on the Wrinkles & Stress Go Hand In Hand How do you manage your stress levels? Love to hear! Post your comments & I’ll respond 🙂 When you put your health first, you learn to manage stress; it is part of living a blissful life… YvonneB

Decreasing Stress On Your Plate

‘I feel so stressed’… heard it before? You’re the lucky one if you’ve never said it or felt it! For most of us, stress rears its head at some point and when extreme can cause us huge amounts of physical and emotional distress. So decreasing stress on your plate is essential for living a calmer,…