Helping Frazzled Nurturers get their Mojo back!

Helping Frazzled Nurturers get their Mojo back!web-4642668_1280

I get it! Before day has even broken, you’re already trying to figure out what to do first on that ever growing to do list. And even if you fall into the super organised bracket, you’re wondering where you’ll get the energy from to do all there is to do (without dropping a plate or two).

You’re convinced this is normal and all women have to deal with it, that ‘this is what we do’. In short, sacrifice; it’s the right selfless thing to do…

Well, I’m here to say, be aware of the mind messages and ‘Stop That Chatter!’ If running on empty is really the way forward, we’re all in trouble. Why? Because burn out will surely follow.

Think about it, whether you would compare yourself to a reliable Ford car or top of the range Ferrari, when the petrol & oil runs dry, you are going nowhere fast! End of.

This mindset of doing 24/7 and accepting it as the norm is not healthy. We are, after all, called ‘human beings’ for a reason and that is where focus must flow; in being, not constantly doing.

And that’s where self-care comes into its own. When we ensure we are taking time to nurture ourselves, we are lovingly saying ‘I matter’ and stopping to refuel ourselves so that we can continue to serve others in whichever way we choose to.

Truth is, if you want to have the energy to do everything on your to do list, you must put you at the top of it because when your tank is full, all things are possible.

And if you want to get your Mojo back, you have got to start assessing why you’re not already prioritising yourself, why you keep on looping back to habits that aren’t serving your wellbeing and examine the beliefs that are blocking you.

Come and share your thoughts at: Self-Care Matters

YvonneB x

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