And Yet You Are Still Standing…

Life comes at you with all its mightcar-1967698_1280

With little consideration…

You falter

You stumble

You fear the worse

And yet you are still standing…

You feel the pain of sudden loss

A failed relationship…

A lost love

Lost sharing

You feel alone

And yet you are still standing…

You make mistakes and curl up with guilt

You dislike yourself, there is shame…

You close down

Refuse to speak

You devalue you

And yet you are still standing…

Life will always find ways to challenge you, to make you dig deeper, learn more about who you truly are and what you are made of.

If there were no challenges what stories would you have to inspire others with, to give others reason to ponder their situations, to realise they too can stand more than once was thought possible?

So open yourself to the struggles

Embrace the lessons in life…

Be brave

And fight on,

even in the eye of the storm

And know that you will still be standing…

Live Blissfully


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