Outside the Zone of Comfort

Tales of the unexpected! I went to a networking event on Friday 24th June at Bailbrook House Hotel (stunning grounds). It was good for a number of reasons: Outside the Zone of Comfort
  • The participants all had a stand to display the products they offered (so much better than just swanning around hoping to talk to someone interesting)
  • The participants with services had the opportunity to do ‘freebie’ taster sessions
There was bread being baked, crepes you could make yourself, cocktails shaken & stirred in the midst of education products, hand massages, jewellery and a whole range of other wonderful things. It made for a really fun atmosphere.
I was there to promote my business and also to help the event organiser – a little bit of hostessing goes a long way! And so there I was interacting and mingling when the announcement came for the next main demo… belly dancing!
One of the students from a local dance school was going to perform a short belly dancing routine and she wanted some of the audience to step up and be her ‘students’. As always, you could see people melting into the walls and to the back of the room. So I decided to go a different route… straight up to the front, bag down and ready for action! My view; I was either going to make an absolute fool of myself or really enjoy the music and the opportunity! I opted for the latter…
And as always with these things, once one person steps up a few more follow. So there we were, 3 students for the student, shimmying, figure 8 hip swirling and I don’t know what else. It was great, we laughed and some real female bonding took place!
So what’s the big deal? Well, far too often we are ‘fearful’ to step outside the norm, we are concerned about what others will think, we dislike the thought of not being able to do something well and so we don’t do the things we want to. This little dancing session wasn’t planned, I certainly wasn’t dressed for the occasion but so what? Taking part created laughter and coming away from the event with a fun memory was priceless. Do I need to worry what individuals thought of me? I don’t think so!
What are the things you would love to do but don’t for fear of being mocked or for feeling uncomfortable? Do you really plan to live the rest of your life that way? Again, I don’t think so!
Get outside of your zone of comfort, have fun, live fully and kick regret into touch!
Love Blissfully

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