Waiting To Exhale… 5 Things To Consider When Seeking Your Tribe

Life does not always feel fair. There are challenges at every corner with work, Slide1relationships, health and wealth creation. We seem to be constantly waiting to exhale, to breathe again.

But what if we could breathe regardless of the circumstances? What if we could choose to breathe in faith and breathe out doubt?

I remember the film ‘Waiting to Exhale’. I was captured by the title. And as the story unfolded, I was drawn in as the 4 friends, all facing their own challenges, such as poor relationship choices, divorce, seeking love, came together to support each other, offering love and advice. Regardless of whether the advice was taken or not, and even as friendships were challenged, they continued to be there for each other.

What unfolded was a beautiful bond, a sisterhood that gave each of the women strength. And that strength generated the energy required by each of the women to acknowledge their value as well as provide them with insights into what they truly deserved in life. Over time, they each dealt with their challenges knowing they had the comfort and warmth of their friendship to heal in and to grow in.

This, I believe, is the power of forming and growing our network, of finding our tribe to nest in; a place where we can give and receive. The point is, we all need to find our tribe, that place we can call home.

Here are 5 things to consider when seeking your tribe, the place in which you can exhale:

  • What’s Your Intention: What is it you want from being part of a tribe? How will you contribute to it? What might be getting in the way of you identifying your tribe? Do you hold any limiting beliefs about the importance of ‘belonging’?
  • Being A Part Of A Tribe Does Not Mean Not Being You: Bring your wonderful unique self to your tribe. The tribe is not about being a group of ‘Stepford Wives’, it’s about having like-minded people around you, people who will appreciate and love you just the way you are and who have an interest in what it is you want in your life, for your life. It might be an all-female tribe or a mixed tribe; don’t shut out the possibilities until you are clear on what’s important to you.
  • Drop The Judging Attitude: Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to slip into judgement mode with ‘I don’t like this about her, he’s so blah blah, they all look xyz…’ This kind of attitude will keep you on the outside of connecting with others and eventually leave you feeling like you don’t belong anywhere and that’s not true. Judge less, open-up more and look for what you have in common, not what sets you apart.
  • Reach Out To Others: Don’t wait for your tribe to find you, seek out your tribe. What activities are you interested in doing or currently do? Where might you find others who like the same? We are fortunate to live in a time where we can reach out to each other with much less effort than ever before. Look for groups where you have common interests, groups where you can learn the things that are important to you and don’t be shy. Remember, worst case scenario is the shoe doesn’t fit and then you move on but before that, you need to get in and get started.
  • And Breathe: Free yourself in the name of faith so the universe can assist you in attracting that which you desire. Avoid getting frustrated or anxious about finding your tribe… let it flow.

Spend some time working on you, getting clearer on what is important to you and sending that message out to the universe. Like attracts like.

And as you relax, exhale. Stop holding your breath, and instead breathe…

Live Blissfully,



“Successful networks embrace their differences and treasure their sameness. They are one & they are unique”

#findyoutribe #familyfriendsandnetwork #7FPrinciples 

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