Can everyone have a blissful life?

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Good question! Well, can everyone create the life they desire? I believe so. The bottom line is what are you willing to do to bring about the changes you desire so that you can begin a new day every day in a place of gratitude and blissfulness?

You see, lots of people want to be happy and fulfilled but have no idea what it is that will provide that, some can conjure up an image of what their ideal life would be like but haven’t been able to figure out the steps to get it and others have given up all hope and have opted for the zombie state… that’s the place where you don’t have to take responsibility, you don’t have to fail because you don’t take risks and you don’t have to be disappointed because you don’t dream of being your biggest self. Tough but true.

To get to blissfulness you have to be ready to wake up; wake up to the life you are currently living and the one you have been suppressing or hiding from. If you want bliss, get ready to take action! If you want joyfulness, get ready to take responsibility and if you want results, start living like you mean it!

Is it easy? Not always but once you make the decision to get there, to fulfil your dream(s) there is no going back. When you wake up to the possibilities going back to zombie-land is far more difficult than pressing on.

Just one great role model after another comes to mind but if anyone represents the true opportunities that lie waiting for us then Chris Gardner is probably near the top of my list. Yes, he of ‘In The Pursuit of Happyness fame’ starring Will Smith as Chris. We only get to see one year of his life unravel into something huge during that film but go back and see the life he had, see how many times he could have chosen to be a different kind of person, a not very nice person. And who would have blamed him? No one… Yet against all that was grim, against everything that he had come to know as his normal, he rose up… he made his choice!

Are you willing to rise up? Are you willing to put your past where it firmly belongs… in the past, and move forward knowing that YOU can live a blissful life if only you choose to? I dare you!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Wonderful movie and thanks for the reference. I'll be looking into his life now and learning more about him.

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