What Are Your Dreams?

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What are your dreams? What are the things you want to do and achieve that you have shut off?
We all have dreams and far too often they go unfulfilled, unclaimed. And yet we have the chance to make them real.
Blissful living is the desire that burns within you to create or accomplish something. But when you examine the dream you question your ability to achieve it, your right to be bigger than you are at this moment. Let’s face it, some dreams just seem so way out there that the only tag you can put on them is impossible.
I believe that dreams are made to come true. They are created within you with possibilities. However, you hold the key because somewhere along the line you have to believe that you can make things happen.
To get to that place of belief you need to unpick the small thinking that has been installed and reinstalled by parents, school, friends, work and yourself.
And what is small thinking? It is the belief that just going through the motions of daily living, the zombie state as I call it, is all there is to life. Bearing in mind how many people do it, it’s easy to see why you might feel the same. I did too until I made a conscious decision not to.
  • So choose to be fearless, not fearful
  • Be bold, not timid
  • Believe in your greatness, don’t dismiss it
  • You are unique and gifted
You are here for a purpose… live it!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    You hit the nail on the head. The sometimes overwhelming feeling you were meant for something or to do something that makes a difference. I feel that way often. Hmmm… maybe I should run for office!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Jennifer, you'd be amazed at how doing some volunteer work for a worthy organization will make you feel. Try it! 🙂

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