Mindset – Staying Positive

Do you get up with a spring in your step? Do you look in the mirror and smile at your meditation-1087847_1280reflection?

Let’s get down to the topic of mindset – staying positive…It’s your
mind remembe
r… No one else controls it and therefore you choose what goes through it, stays in it and what you boot out of it!

Positive thinking has had its naysayers. Some see it as a false state of being. How can you be positive when things go wrong or not the way you want them to? Fair enough but if you were travelling into work today and the train broke down would switching to a negative mindset make you feel any better or change the situation (and by negative I mean huffing & puffing, swearing, getting agitated, moaning… you get the picture)?

Given the choice between the negative state, which in essence just attracts more of itself and the positive state that also attracts more of itself, surely it makes sense to be less hasty with your decisions to think poorly. When you get yourself into a bad mood (and yes, it is you that makes the decision even if it is based on someone else’s words or actions) how much energy does it take to get back out of it? How many more ‘bad’ things do you suddenly become aware of because you are focusing on ‘bad’ things?

A top tip here is reality based. Stuff happens! So in order to deal with it:

  • Acknowledge the situation and your feelings. You do not have to ignore them, they are real
  • Ask yourself if there is anything you can do about it that doesn’t cause harm to you or others
  • If there is, then do it! By taking action you will feel better
  • If there isn’t then ask yourself if it’s worth hanging onto the feeling of negativity
  • If you think there is some worth, then do it and ask yourself the same question a few more times. Are you feeling better or worse?
  • If you think there isn’t any worth in hanging on to the feeling ask yourself if you are willing to let it go?
  • If you are, let it go!
  • If you’re not, hang on to it and ask yourself the same question a few more times. Are you ready to let go yet?

The truth is YOU have to take responsibility for your thoughts so choose them carefully. Get the ones inside you that are supportive, that reflect who you are and who you want to be. Positive thinking is not about being airy fairy but it is about taking ownership and making decisions to let go and move on. You’ll rarely regret leaving bad thoughts and feelings behind!

And if it is a situation where you feel unable to find an answer or solution on your own, go to an expert and get advice. You NEVER have to do everything by yourself… unless you choose to.

Great book: S.U.M.O – Shut Up and Move On by Peter McGee

Live Blissfully!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Will says:

    +1 on the recommendation for Peter McGee’s book. It’s filled with practical advice given in a no-nonsense manner. My favorite SUMO principle is, if you want to be successful and happy you need to change your (“VICTIM”) t-shirt! I know way to many folks who wear that one all the time. =)

  2. YvonneB says:

    I love that quote too Will… Every t-shirt has its place but know when to move on and let it go!

  3. Nicole says:

    That’s great advice Yvonne to enlist the help of experts to ask advice or help out when one feels overwhelmed about something. We live in a complex world now and none of us can master everything. Nor is it a weakness to ask for help. It’s a sign of intelligence to ask questions and seek knowledge — realizing that we don’t know it all! Most people will be glad to help.

  4. YvonneB says:

    And it took me a while to feel comfortable asking for help Nicole but it really does show maturity and a desire for change. We all have something we can help someone with and the vast majority of us will happily share the knowledge or give support.

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