How Important It Is To Share Stories

What a totally awesome Friday night! I was invited to be a guest speaker at an event IMG_1503being hosted for top level PA’s at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow (stunning venue to boot!) and organised by the extremely talented Victoria Darragh of Hays Recruitment alongside Hannah Millar, based at the Radisson. It as an evening that proved how important it is to share stories…
It was to be an evening of inspiration and I was sharing the stage with Jo Gambi, Guinness Book Record holder for the fastest climb on the seven summits and the only woman alive to have climbed Everest’s more difficult and daunting North Ridge – you just don’t get better company than that to speak with. It was an honour to share the stage with her and hear her story.And as the evening went on it was heart warming to be approached by women in the audience, thanked for inspiring them, lifting them and giving them some actionable steps to take away. My story of positive change through redundancy resonated with a number of those in the room and gave hope for the future. Jo’s story empowered them to realise the enormity of human power and how by fine tuning our minds we can conquer the troubles that often seem as if they are going to sweep us away and fulfil our dreams one step at a time.
By sharing experiences we give hope and where there is hope there is room for growth and change. We all have a story (several in fact) and the fact that we are still standing having gone through them is a testament to our resilience, power and capabilities.

As we share stories we are better positioned to lead and guide; that is reason enough. So share your stories, let others into your world so that they may grow and find their way. And share your stories of struggle alongside your stories of success; they both serve a purpose and help others to know there is a light, however dim it may seem, at the end of the tunnel.

Live Blissfully


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  1. Teely Webb says:

    I was one of those women in the audience and you, Yvonne, are truly amazing. So generous of spirit to share and yourself, and your inspiring knowledge. Truly inspirational, and encouraging. I was so fortunate to have heard your story and to be encouraged by you personally as well. Thank you so much.

    1. YvonneB says:

      Thank you so much Teely, it is my pleasure to share and help others see so much more is possible when we decide to believe in our power.

      You have made some fantastic leaps forward (and remember to recognize that fact!) and I know you’ll make many more!

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