I Want To Make My Dreams Come True

‘I want to make my dreams come true’. Do you? pretty-2111499_1280

Do you really?

Are you willing to share your dream, to say out loud what you truly desire for you, for your life?

Are you prepared to go for it even as those around you point and laugh and tell you ‘you are just a dreamer’?

Are you so determined that you are willing to give up hours of TV, socialising every weekend, sleeping your time away?

Are you ready to cope with the haters who throw their stones in the hope of keeping you small?

Are you going to remove the toxic waste from your life (people, environments, replays of negative memories)?

Are you going to make time to feed your mind and body with the right fuel required to be the best of you; personal development books, business and career guidance, good nutrition, exercise?

Are you ready to shout ‘Yes I Can‘ and believe in the possibilities and opportunities life has for you?

Are you truly ready to step up, step out and make your dreams come true?

I hope so… I dare you! And if not, what’s holding you back?

Live Blissfully

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