Are You Brave Enough To Take The Journey Of Self-Discovery?

Are You Brave Enough To Take The Journey Of Self-Discovery?

There’s a wonderful quote:

“Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small, you’re meant for greater things”

I love this quote, it speaks to my soul and to my belief that each and everyone of us is here on purpose, with purpose. The question is are we brave enough to take the journey of discovery?

And that thought led me to look within the quote and extract from it the bigger message I see within it because we are too easily distracted by things in life that move us away from what is possible, from our true potential. Things like jealousy, envy, hate, judgement, unforgiveness, lack of hope, lack of faith to name but a few.

This is my message to you:

“Put aside your pettiness for it does not serve your purpose, your higher calling. Your true greatness calls for you to identify your humanness, to be aware of how it can hamper you and to know when to cut its claws from your back.

Because you are designed for so much more. You are a light for others, a torch that guides the way for those who have become lost in the humdrum woes of daily life; not as a boastful boss, but rather a worthy empathetic leader.

And as you lean into your purpose, you unleash your energy and unlock your potential. You shine so brightly that others cannot resist your aura; they are drawn to you like bees to honey and they allow your warmth to wash over them, filling them with hope and insights.

And for all concerned the result of this is the exquisiteness of change; gained focus, clarity, kindness, forgiveness, connectedness, and love. And with these inner resources all things become possible, all goals become reachable and creation becomes the norm.”

So, don’t be afraid to be all of who you are, to unlock your full potential. You have been put here to radiate energy, to demonstrate what is possible in the area you are gifted with. And by being all of who you are, you serve our world completely. And you are here to serve.

Never Play Small. Never allow the limitations of human thinking to limit what is locked inside you. This shell we call a body is a coating for something much greater than the eye can see.

Go and set the world on fire with your presence and shine as brightly as the stars in the sky… It’s the very best thing you can do…

Live Blissfully,


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