It’s All About Time…


It’s all about time. Time is something I consistently hear complaints about, “there’s not enough time in the time-488112_1280day”, “time goes too quickly”, “There should be more hours in the day”, “I’m constantly rushing”.

Well, how does time show up for you?

I believe there is always enough time for the things you want to do if they are important enough. After all, time is fluid, it doesn’t end, so how can there not be enough?

The biggest problem is people live in circles of time. What I mean by that is we have a set number of hours we use as a guide for everything we do… or don’t do. For example, 24 hours in one day or working 9-5 are obvious circles of time. Look at the power of 9-5; because it has been set as the ‘normal working day’ by someone somewhere along the line, people live their lives around this ‘work’ circle. People spend time watching the clock to see how much time they have left in the work circle before they can do anything else.

Add to that, most people at the end of that circle feel too tired to do anything productive, they spend the next circle of time on unproductive activities; watching some depressing T.V show (the news, or a soap that portrays life as so awful it makes them feel thankful for their 9-5 life) or busying themselves in chores they don’t enjoy but ‘have to do’.

Time is precious; it is a gift. You cannot save it, owe it or get it back. It should be respected and appreciated in every moment.

I am someone who loves getting stuff done and doing work I love makes me stay focused, so focused in fact, I forget about time and just get things done and that means they get done efficiently and effectively because nothing distracts me. And that leaves me with the fluidity of time to do whatever else I want!

Working for myself means I don’t have set circles of time and that gives me the freedom that is important to me. I start work when I am ready to and finish it when I want to. Don’t get me wrong, I put in more than 8 hours some days but because I have the freedom to begin and end as I choose and because I love what I do, time doesn’t come into the equation unless I have meetings to attend or booked coaching calls.

If you are struggling with being productive, ask yourself:

  • How much time do I spend watching time?
  • How much do I usually get done in a day? (work, physical activities, social, ‘me’ time, etc)
  • What is my biggest challenge around time?
  • What have I done to change my perception of there not being enough time (if you believe that)?
  • What could I do to change my perception of time?

Everything is as we believe it to be. If you believe there is not enough time, then there isn’t. If you believe you are busy, then you are (but perhaps the point is busy doing what). If you tell yourself you’re too tired to go to the gym or attend a class, then you are. They are not the fault of time; they are your perceptions and feelings.

If you want to upgrade your thoughts around time, pop on over to my Productivity Class. It’ll take you 20 minutes to complete (barely any time at all) and give you some ideas on what you can do to make time more fluid in your life.

Remember, time is precious as are you so get into the flow of it and enjoy it. Time doesn’t start at 9am nor does it finish at 5pm… it goes on, and on, and on.

Live Blissfully,


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