Conceive, Believe, Achieve


August 2016, I began writing my latest book, book number 4; “Suck It Up… Or Change; graduation-2308406_1280If you want a better life, YOU create it”. I know, the title is a little harsh but sometimes going in hard reaps rewards.

Anyway, before I digress, the point of sharing this was that I’ve been asked several times where I learnt to write. ‘In school’ has been my consistent response because other than being an avid reader, I have never been part of a writing club or on a writing course.

Did I know I could write a book when I was in school? No, that would never have even crossed my mind back then. In fact, until I started working for myself writing a book couldn’t have been further from my mind or my belief that I could.

I started writing ‘on purpose’ back in 2010. I didn’t do a course, I didn’t even seek advice, I just thought it would be good to create several different types of books to see if I could pull enough content together to make something more than 20 pages long!

From 2010-2012 I wrote a book of poetry for my family (a private collection expressing my love for them – made a fab Christmas gift), 3 books of short verses, a book of short erotic stories (and no, you cannot see them!) and a going into business handbook for Virtual Assistants.

I loved it! It was like therapy, escapism and discovery all rolled into one. Since then I have written Yes You Can (personal development book) and Fabulously Fit & Healthy at 50. It’s not so much about having the writing bug but a desire to believe I can write something worth publishing that will make a difference to someone, somewhere. Mission now accomplished!

From conceiving the idea to believing I could do it (and that was simply putting pen to paper and not worrying too much about anything else until I finished it) I have created quite a little library; it’s a major achievement to me, whether published or not, not least because I left school with a D in English Language. And what I now know is ‘I Can‘.

So, on a more thoughtful note I want you to dig deep and ask yourself:

  • ‘What dreams, ideas, desires have I conceived?’
  • ‘What have I done about them so far?’
  • ‘What else could I do?’
  • ‘What resources would help me?’
  • ‘What is holding me back?’
  • ‘When will I DECIDE, once and for all, to believe in myself enough to DO what is necessary without holding on to the outcome?’ (giving you freedom to express without the pressure of perfection)

Let me assure you, there will never be a perfect time and you will never have more time than you have right now. It is the ability to make a decision on that which you desire that will set you free to explore the things your heart calls you to do. When you decide your mind will follow…and when your mind follows, it will attract that which you need.

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve your way to a brighter freedom…

Live Blissfully,



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