Just Be…

Just Be…

Life can be uncomfortable at times. There are days when you feel that no matter what shaman-2837843_1280you do, things are not going the way you want them to. And this may cause you to push more, to fight harder, to dig your heels in and try to force an outcome.

Yet in that discomfort, a different reaction might be necessary, might be the right answer. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and be with the flow; to let go of having to be in control and instead just be.

It’s knowing when to do this that is the real challenge. If your extra effort isn’t shifting anything, if your energy output isn’t changing the outcome and you are tired from exertion, maybe it’s a sign to relax. Allow yourself time to just be, to take stock; to reflect from a place of calm and pure surrender.

Because in this state of calm, creativity has a way of blossoming and what you were struggling to see or hear before suddenly becomes apparent. What you thought you needed to do is replaced by what you must do.

It is not about giving up, it is not about being complacent. It is simply taking a different action that requires you to trust the process and the guiding hand of faith that is always ready to support you.

Here are some typical challenges when the best thing to do is to let go and just be:

  1. Others Behaviour: you might want to change them for their own good, but you are not in control of others. They must come to their need to change through self-reflection and self-awareness. The best thing you can do when others behave in a way that you see as reckless, hurtful or negative, is to remain calm & surrender control. Change the way you behave and react towards them. This is often where your power lies. Don’t encourage them, don’t enable them, instead demonstrate a better way of being. Then it is up to them to observe, learn and make any necessary changes.
  2. Your Own Limiting Beliefs: so often you end up being weighed down by your own lack of confidence and self-belief. The old stories of when you failed, when you behaved irresponsibly, when someone told you, you weren’t good enough and you believed them. These things keep you small and when challenges arise you reprimand yourself and lack the belief that you have the power to turn things around; you forget how amazing you are and the potential that lies within. So, calmly surrender to working on your inner confidence. Start to remember the great things you have done, your successes and begin to unravel all the lies that have been constructed to keep you small… because you are a giant.
  3. Learn To Forgive: when you are angered by someone, by life itself or even by yourself, the venting and feelings of hate can literally consume you. At that moment all that is good in your life disappears and your focus on that one unforgivable thing magnifies. No one can tell you forgiveness is easy, but it is necessary if you wish to move on. Forgiveness is more for your sake than it is for the person you are holding all the negative feelings towards. When you fail to forgive, you become eaten up inside. It is harmful to both your physical and mental wellbeing. In being able to forgive, you release yourself from the chains that hold you ‘victim’ and that given the opportunity, will sink you. By calmly surrendering the negative feelings, putting your wellbeing first, forgiving becomes an easier option.

So be aware in your moments of struggle and seek to understand whether it is a time to float and allow the greater power to guide you into action…

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