The Healthy Mindset

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Step 1: Have a goal, keep it realistic and write it down

Step 2: Make a firm decision and commitment to do what is necessary

Step 3: Find a supportive friend (or two) who will encourage, listen and challenge you positively

Step 4: Expand your knowledge – start your  health, fitness & personal development library one book at a time. Be informed so that you can make effective productive decisions about your health.

Step 5: Empty your fridge, freezer and cupboards of poor quality foods & refill them with good quality foods. If you buy good food, you will eat good food.

Step 6: Decide on your fitness activities – and find the things you enjoy; that way you’ll stick with them.

Step 7: Change habits a bit by bit daily – Walk a bit more, use smaller plates for dining, make food time family time, get a motivation fix in the morning (play some music you like that’s uplifting, read a quote or two, write a quote of your own!), stop weighing yourself every day.

Step 8: Believe that you can; think it, see it and be the change you desire.

Step 9: Congratulate yourself & celebrate (sensibly) when you see and feel the changes in your wellbeing.

Step 10: Never give up! Quitting is not an option… Develop a healthy mindset and see how much you can achieve.

One life, live it well

Live Blissfully,


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