Holding Onto Faith In The Difficult Moments…

Holding onto faith in the difficult moments… Though the road ahead may appear dark hand-3979196_1920with hidden shadows of doubt and pain, persevere. Even in the face of crippling indecision and heartbreaking outcomes, hold onto your faith. Because God is with you. Though you may feel alone, rejected and disconnected from the world, He is aware of your situation and He will provide an answer to your prayer; in His time, not yours.

You may go into freefall, with desperation and uncertainty as your only friends but know that If you are falling, the mighty hand will reach out to catch you; He will keep you safe if you allow Him to.

And if you don’t go into freefall, if you feel and know you have the power to keep going, be aware that within your difficulty lies a lesson, a message that will serve you well in the future; be aware. You will learn to fly, to soar beyond your current level of experience and knowledge. And you will know gratitude at that moment.

5 Steps To Keeping Faith In Difficult Moments

  1. Begin Within – Take a look at how you are perceiving the difficult moment. What are you seeing, thinking and feeling? Is your attitude blinding you from being solution focused? Are you so emotionally hyped that you are allowing your feelings to surpass all else? Are you getting in your own way? Assess you before you assess the difficult moment.
  2. Pray With Faith – Pray wholeheartedly. Seek the peace, calm and wisdom that is promised to you as a believer. Let God’s word and the universal laws wash over you and through you, believing in their power, believing in your ability to tap into them.
  3. Refresh Your Mindset – Remember that your mind is a powerful resource, what you plant in it matters. So, fill it with the words and images that strengthen you, all the things that remind you of the wonderment of having this gift called life.
  4. Express Gratitude – Give thanks. Know that even in the difficult moments there are still things to be thankful for. Waking up to a new day, breathing, walking, being able to be with others; so many of the things we take for granted are the things we can express gratitude for they are not guaranteed.
  5. Nurture Your Body, Mind & Soul – Feed your wellbeing every day. How you treat yourself is a reflection of how you see yourself and the more connected you are with God, the more you see your worth, your beauty, your uniqueness and your blessings.

Be it for your growth or your pruning, know the difficult moments are temporary; they too shall pass. And just as they will pass, you will move on, stronger, more enlightened and properly prepared for your future in faith…

Live Blissfully


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